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Pulse Width Modulation for Power Converters: Principles and Practice
An integrated and comprehensive theory of PWM. The selection of the best algorithm for optimum pulse width modulation is an important process that can result in improved converter efficiency, betterExpand
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Space vector PWM control of dual three phase induction machine using vector space decomposition
The technique of vector space decomposition control of voltage source inverter fed dual three-phase induction machines is presented in this paper. By vector space decomposition, the analyticalExpand
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Simple Analytical and Graphical Methods for Carrier-Based PWM-VSI Drives
This paper provides analytical and graphical methods for the study, performance evaluation and design of the modern carrier-based pulse width modulators (PWMs), which are widely employed in voltage-source inverter (VSI) drives. Expand
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A high-performance generalized discontinuous PWM algorithm
In this paper, a generalized discontinuous pulsewidth modulation (GDPWM) method with superior high modulation operating range performance characteristics is developed. An algorithm which employs theExpand
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Optimized space vector switching sequences for multilevel inverters
Previous work has shown that space vector modulation and carrier modulation for two-level inverters achieve the same phase leg switching sequences when appropriate zero sequence offsets are added toExpand
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Disturbance free operation of a multiphase current regulated motor drive with an opened phase
  • Jen-Ren Fu, T. Lipo
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  • Conference Record of the IEEE Industry…
  • 2 October 1993
An improved induction motor control strategy is proposed incorporating a multiphase machine which allows for continuous, disturbance free operation of the drive even with complete loss of one (orExpand
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Introduction to AC machine design
  • T. Lipo
  • Computer Science
  • 30 October 2017
AC electrical machine design is a key skill set for developing competitive electric motors and generators for applications in industry, aerospace, and defense. Expand
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Vector Control and Dynamics of AC Drives
1. Introduction to AC drives 2. d-q modelling of induction and synchronous machines 3. d-q models for solid state power converters 4. Complex vector analysis of induction machines 5. Principles ofExpand
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A hybrid multilevel inverter topology for drive applications
The use of multilevel inverters has become popular in recent years for high power applications. Various topologies and modulation strategies have been reported for utility and drive applications inExpand
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Rotor design optimization of synchronous reluctance machine
It is demonstrated that the rotor design of synchronous reluctance machines can be optimized in terms of a key geometric parameter, i.e., the ratio of the rotor insulation width to the rotor ironExpand
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