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Implementation framework for Artificial Neural Networks on FPGA
In an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) a large number of highly interconnected simple nonlinear processing units work in parallel to solve a specific problem. Parallelism, modularity and dynamicExpand
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4D thermal imaging system for medical applications
The dissipation of thermal radiation can be observed using thermal infrared cameras which generate images based on the amount of input radiation belonging to a small part of the electromagneticExpand
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Fine-tuning Convolutional Neural Networks for fine art classification
Abstract The increasing availability of large digitized fine art collections opens new research perspectives in the intersection of artificial intelligence and art history. Motivated by theExpand
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Extending the JADE Agent Behaviour Model with JBehaviourTrees Framework
Creating modular behaviours in JADE using a traditional method such as the FSM (Finite State Machine) can be a difficult task to achieve. The first issue with FSMs is that they do not allowExpand
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Vital fitness and health telemonitoring of elderly people
Modern advances in technology allow new telemonitoring systems for prevention, early diagnosis and management of chronic and degenerative conditions. These remote monitoring systems reduce the needExpand
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Active 3D scanning based 3D thermography system and medical applications
Infrared (IR) thermography determines the surface temperature of an object or human body using IR camera. It is an imaging technology which is contactless and completely non-invasive. TheseExpand
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Computer supported thermography monitoring of hand strength evaluation by electronic dynamometer in rheumatoid arthritis – a pilot study
This paper describes the implementation of a new dynamometer system with thermography monitoring of heat dissipation, and the implications of this new system in physiatry, rheumatology and neurology.Expand
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Delivering bioinformatics MapReduce applications in the cloud
The ever-increasing data production and availability in the field of bioinformatics demands a paradigm shift towards the utilization of novel solutions for efficient data storage and processing, suchExpand
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Predicting the Lifetime of Dynamic Networks Experiencing Persistent Random Attacks
Estimating the critical points at which complex systems abruptly flip from one state to another is one of the remaining challenges in network science. Due to lack of knowledge about the underlyingExpand
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Scalability Issues of Firefly-Based Self-Synchronization in Collective Adaptive Systems
In this paper we investigate scalability issues of self-synchronization emergent properties, described with the pulse coupled oscillator model. As in the pulse coupled oscillator model theExpand
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