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A general method to improve fluorophores for live-cell and single-molecule microscopy
Specific labeling of biomolecules with bright fluorophores is the keystone of fluorescence microscopy. Genetically encoded self-labeling tag proteins can be coupled to synthetic dyes inside livingExpand
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Single-Molecule Dynamics of Enhanceosome Assembly in Embryonic Stem Cells
Enhancer-binding pluripotency regulators (Sox2 and Oct4) play a seminal role in embryonic stem (ES) cell-specific gene regulation. Here, we combine in vivo and in vitro single-molecule imaging,Expand
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Colocalization of Different Influenza Viral RNA Segments in the Cytoplasm before Viral Budding as Shown by Single-molecule Sensitivity FISH Analysis
The Influenza A virus genome consists of eight negative sense, single-stranded RNA segments. Although it has been established that most virus particles contain a single copy of each of the eightExpand
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Spatial arrangement of an RNA zipcode identifies mRNAs under post-transcriptional control.
How RNA-binding proteins recognize specific sets of target mRNAs remains poorly understood because current approaches depend primarily on sequence information. In this study, we demonstrate thatExpand
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An RNA biosensor for imaging the first round of translation from single cells to living animals
Measuring translation in space and time The ribosome translates the information contained within messenger RNAs (mRNAs) into proteins. When and where ribosomes encounter mRNAs can regulate geneExpand
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A transgenic mouse for in vivo detection of endogenous labeled mRNA
Live-cell single mRNA imaging is a powerful tool but has been restricted in higher eukaryotes to artificial cell lines and reporter genes. We describe an approach that enables live-cell imaging ofExpand
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CASFISH: CRISPR/Cas9-mediated in situ labeling of genomic loci in fixed cells
Significance We have derived a new technology for the detection of genes within undisturbed nuclei of fixed cells and tissues. Previous approaches have used fluorescent DNA probes to hybridize toExpand
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RNA Polymerase II cluster dynamics predict mRNA output in living cells
Protein clustering is a hallmark of genome regulation in mammalian cells. However, the dynamic molecular processes involved make it difficult to correlate clustering with functional consequences inExpand
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Transcription goes digital
Transcription is a complex process that integrates the state of the cell and its environment to generate adequate responses for cell fitness and survival. Recent microscopy experiments have been ableExpand
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Real-time quantification of single RNA translation dynamics in living cells
The when, where, and how of translation High-resolution single-molecule imaging shows the spatial and temporal dynamics of molecular events (see the Perspective by Iwasaki and Ingolia). Wu et al. andExpand
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