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Mad Men, Meth Moms, Moral Panic: Gendering Meth Crimes in the Midwest
This research examines the content of a sample of newspaper articles from the Midwestern states. The analyses find highly gendered accounts of methamphetamine related crimes. Media depictions suggestExpand
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Reinventing the Matron: The Continued Importance of Gendered Images and Division of Labor in Modern Policing
The current research examines the workplace images and responsibilities of female police officers in 3 departments. Ethnographic interviews with 28 officers in 3 midwestern communities indicate thatExpand
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‘This is your face on meth’: The punitive spectacle of ‘white trash’ in the rural war on drugs
This article engages the dynamic role of the crime image and more specifically the mug shot, in a contemporary anti-methamphetamine media campaign known as ‘Faces of Meth’. Understood here as aExpand
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The walking dead and killing state: Zombification and the normalization of police violence
In May 2012, police shot Rudy Eugene, a black man of Haitian decent, dead as he ‘ate the face’ of a homeless man on a deserted Miami causeway. Because of the strange gruesomeness of the attack andExpand
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Governing through meth: Local politics, drug control and the drift toward securitization
The enduring social anxieties surrounding the illicit drug, methamphetamine (meth), offer a useful lens to view processes of criminalization and control as they unfold outside major populationExpand
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Staring Down the State: Police Power, Visual Economies, and the “War on Cameras”
This paper considers how the politics of security and order are also a politics of aesthetics encompassing practical struggles over the authority and regulation of ways of looking and knowing. To doExpand
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Proof of death: Police power and the visual economies of seizure, accumulation and trophy
The phrase proof of life describes visual evidence meant to prove a kidnap victim or prisoner of war is alive. As developed here, proof of death describes a similar technique of seizure and displayExpand
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Creating visual differences: Methamphetamine users perceptions of anti-meth campaigns.
BACKGROUND Because of increased law enforcement and subsequent media attention, methamphetamine users appear in the public's imagination as diseased, zombie-like White trash. We exploreExpand
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