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Origin and evolution
Introduction.- The First Vertebrates, Jawless Fishes, the Agnathans.- The Earliest Jawed Vertebrates, the Gnathostomes.- Evolution of Modern Fishes: Critical Biological Innovations.- Tetrapods andExpand
Anatomy and functional morphology of the largest marine reptile known, Mosasaurus hoffmanni (Mosasauridae, Reptilia) from the Upper Cretaceous, Upper Maastrichtian of The Netherlands
Mosasaurus hoffmanni , one of the latest known mosasaurs, comes from the Upper Maastrichtian, Upper Cretaceous Chalk of The Netherlands. Although the first specimen was discovered over 200 years ago,Expand
The ichthyosaur integument: skin fibers, a means for a strong, flexible and smooth skin
The ichthyosaur skin is examined in order to further our understanding of the adaptation of these animals to the aquatic medium and their locomotory efficiency. Softtissue structures in twoExpand
The mosasaur “Angolasaums”bocagei (Reptilia: Mosasauridae) from the Turonian of Angola re-interpreted as the earliest member of the genusPlatecarpus
KurzfassungReste von Mosasauriern aus dem oberen Turon von Angola wurden in der Literatur einer neuen Gattung “Angolasaums” zugeordnet und in die Unterfamilie Mosasaurinae gestellt. Auf der BasisExpand
Selective biodegradation of keratin matrix in feather rachis reveals classic bioengineering
Flight necessitates that the feather rachis is extremely tough and light. Yet, the crucial filamentous hierarchy of the rachis is unknown—study hindered by the tight chemical bonding between theExpand
Do feathered dinosaurs exist? Testing the hypothesis on neontological and paleontological evidence
The origin of birds and avian flight from within the archosaurian radiation has been among the most contentious issues in paleobiology. Although there is general agreement that birds are related toExpand