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Combustion Instabilities In Gas Turbine Engines: Operational Experience, Fundamental Mechanisms, and Modeling
Higher operating efficiencies, fewer pollutant emissions, and low capital investment have made gas turbines a dominant technology for a new power generating capacity in the US and worldwide. ThisExpand
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Modeling Premixed Combustion-Acoustic Wave Interactions: A Review
The interactions between acoustic waves and a premixed combustion process can play an important role in theExpand
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Unsteady Combustor Physics
1. Overview and basic equations 2. Decomposition and evolution of disturbances 3. Hydrodynamic flow stability part I: introduction 4. Hydrodynamic flow stability part II: common combustor flowfieldsExpand
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Lean blowoff of bluff body stabilized flames: Scaling and dynamics
Abstract This paper overviews the dynamics of bluff body stabilized flames and describes the phenomenology of the blowoff process. The first section of the paper provides an overview of the fluidExpand
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Laminar premixed flame response to equivalence ratio oscillations
Self-excited oscillations in low emission, premixed combustion systems are often caused by feedback between unsteady heat release rates and reactive mixture equivalence ratio perturbations. ThisExpand
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Acoustic radiation from turbulent premixed flames
Turbulent combustion processes are inherently unsteady and, thus, a source of acoustic radiation. While prior studies have extensively characterized their total sound power, their spectralExpand
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The Role of Unmixedness and Chemical Kinetics in Driving Combustion Instabilities in Lean Premixed Combustors
Abstract This paper presents the results of a study of the potential causes of frequently observed combustion instabilities in low NOx gas turbines (LNGT) that burn gaseous fuels in a premixed mode.Expand
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Laminar flame speeds of H2/CO mixtures : Effect of CO2 dilution, preheat temperature, and pressure
Abstract Laminar flame speeds of lean H2/CO/CO2 (syngas) fuel mixtures have been measured over a range of fuel compositions (5–95% for H2 and CO and up to 40% for CO2 by volume), reactant preheatExpand
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Dynamics of Laminar Premixed Flames Forced by Harmonic Velocity Disturbances
This paper describes the dynamics of constant-burning-velocity premixed flames responding to harmonic velocity disturbances. Results are derived from analytical and computational solutions of theExpand
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Combustion Instabilities: Basic Concepts
C OMBUSTION instabilities are characterized by large-amplitude oscillations of one or more natural acoustic modes of the combustor. Such instabilities have been encountered during the development andExpand
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