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Synthesis of All Four Possible Stereoisomers of 5,9-Dimethylpentadecane, the Major Sex Pheromone Component of the Coffee Leaf Miner Moth, Perileucoptera coffeella
All of the four possible stereoisomers of 5,9-dimethylpentadecane, the major sex pheromone component of the coffee leaf miner moth (Perileucoptera coffeella), were synthesized by using the methylExpand
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Simple Synthesis of 5,9-Dimethylated Long-Chain Alkanes, the Sex Pheromones of Leaf Miner Moths
Each stereoisomeric mixture of 5,9-dimethylpentadecane and 5,9-dimethylhexadecane, the major and the minor sex pheromone components of Perileucoptera coffeella, respectively, was synthesized in aboutExpand
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The Great Thoughts of China: 3,000 Years of Wisdom That Shaped a Civilization
Ambition. Art. Bureaucracy. Creation. Criticism. Economics. Education. Family. Fate. Government. History. Human Nature. Justice. Knowledge. Law. Leadership. Learning. Military. Misfortune. Mortality.Expand
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