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Reassessing the chronology of Biblical Edom: new excavations and 14C dates from Khirbat en-Nahas (Jordan)
An international team of researchers show how high-precision radiocarbon dating is liberating us from chronological assumptions based on Biblical research. Surface and topographic mapping at theExpand
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The archaeology of society in the Holy Land
Approaches to the past Stone Age adaptation, evolution and survival farmers, priests and princes - the rise of the first complex societies Canaan, Israel and the formation of the biblical world localExpand
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Earliest date for milk use in the Near East and southeastern Europe linked to cattle herding
The domestication of cattle, sheep and goats had already taken place in the Near East by the eighth millennium bc. Although there would have been considerable economic and nutritional gains fromExpand
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Geomagnetic intensity spike recorded in high resolution slag deposit in Southern Jordan
article i nfo In paleomagnetism, periods of high field intensity have been largely ignored in favor of the more spectacular directional changes associated with low field intensity periods ofExpand
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Early Bronze Age metallurgy: a newly discovered copper manufactory in southern Jordan
Recent excavations in southern Jordan have revealed the largest Early Bronze Age (c. 3600-2000 BC) metal manufactory in the ancient Near East. On-site Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyses ofExpand
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The emergence of specialized pastoralism in the southern Levant
Abstract This paper investigates a number of models concerning the development of specialized pastoralism in the Old World. Hypotheses are tested by comparing a wide range of environmental variablesExpand
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The Iron Age Pottery from Khirbat en-Nahas, Jordan: A Preliminary Study
  • N. Smith, T. Levy
  • History
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental…
  • 1 November 2008
The 2002 excavations at the Iron Age copper metal production center of Khirbat en-Nahas have sparked lively scholarly debate concerning the dating of the Iron Age in southern Jordan as well as theExpand
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High-precision radiocarbon dating and historical biblical archaeology in southern Jordan
  • T. Levy, T. Higham, +8 authors L. Tauxe
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 28 October 2008
Recent excavations and high-precision radiocarbon dating from the largest Iron Age (IA, ca. 1200–500 BCE) copper production center in the southern Levant demonstrate major smelting activities in theExpand
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Lowland Edom and the high and low chronologies, Edomite state formation, the Bible and recent archaeological research in southern Jordan
This study explores the chronological assumptions that underlie the past 40 years of Iron Age archaeological investigations in southern Jordan and offers an alternative framework based on theExpand
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Prehistoric metalworking in the southern Levant: Archaeometallurgical and social perspectives
Abstract This paper examines some of the processes which may have led to the initial adoption of metallurgy during the Chalcolithic (ca. 4500–3200 BCE) period in ancient Palestine. AnExpand
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