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Primary forests are irreplaceable for sustaining tropical biodiversity
Human-driven land-use changes increasingly threaten biodiversity, particularly in tropical forests where both species diversity and human pressures on natural environments are high. The rapidExpand
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A global assessment of endemism and species richness across island and mainland regions
Endemism and species richness are highly relevant to the global prioritization of conservation efforts in which oceanic islands have remained relatively neglected. When compared to mainland areas,Expand
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Predictors of public climate change awareness and risk perception around the world
A survey of 119 countries shows that education is the strongest predictor of climate change awareness around the world. The results suggest that improving understanding of local impacts is vital forExpand
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The state and conservation of Southeast Asian biodiversity
Southeast Asia is a region of conservation concern due to heavy losses of its native habitats. In this overview, we highlight the conservation importance of Southeast Asia by comparing its degree ofExpand
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Conserving Southeast Asian forest biodiversity in human-modified landscapes
Southeast Asia experiences one of the highest rates of deforestation in the tropics due to agricultural expansion, logging, habitat fragmentation and urbanization, which are expected to result inExpand
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Measuring the Meltdown: Drivers of Global Amphibian Extinction and Decline
Habitat loss, climate change, over-exploitation, disease and other factors have been hypothesised in the global decline of amphibian biodiversity. However, the relative importance of and synergiesExpand
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A meta-analysis of the impact of anthropogenic forest disturbance on Southeast Asia's biotas.
The impacts of tropical deforestation and forest degradation on SE Asia's biotas have been documented, but a quantitative synthesis is currently lacking. We examined the responses of biodiversity toExpand
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Future battlegrounds for conservation under global change
  • T. Lee, W. Jetz
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological…
  • 7 June 2008
Global biodiversity is under significant threat from the combined effects of human-induced climate and land-use change. Covering 12% of the Earth's terrestrial surface, protected areas are crucialExpand
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Effects of habitat disturbance on mixed species bird flocks in a tropical sub-montane rainforest
Abstract Despite their vulnerability to forest disturbances in the Neotropics, the consequences of forest perturbation on mixed species flocks are poorly understood in the threatened Southeast AsianExpand
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Correlates of extinction proneness in tropical angiosperms
Rapid losses and degradation of natural habitats in the tropics are driving catastrophic declines and extinctions of native biotas, including angiosperms. Determining the ecological and life-historyExpand
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