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Sequestrate species of Agaricus and Macrolepiota from Australia: new species and combinations and their position in a calibrated phylogeny
Australian collections of sequestrate Agaricaceae were examined with morphological and molecular data (nuclear DNA from ITS and LSU), and the majority were found to belong to the genera Agaricus andExpand
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The sequestrate genus Rosbeeva T.Lebel & Orihara gen. nov. (Boletaceae) from Australasia and Japan: new species and new combinations
The sequestrate genus Chamonixia has been shown to have affinities to the Boletales, in particular the genus Leccinum. Australasian and Japanese species of Chamonixia were examined usingExpand
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Evolutionary history of the sequestrate genus Rossbeevera (Boletaceae) reveals a new genus Turmalinea and highlights the utility of ITS minisatellite-like insertions for molecular identification
The sequestrate (truffle-like) basidiomycete genera Rossbeevera, Chamonixia, and Octaviania are closely related to the epigeous mushroom genera Leccinum and Leccinellum. In order to elucidate theExpand
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Two new species of sequestrate Agaricus (section Minores) from Australia
  • T. Lebel
  • Biology
  • Mycological Progress
  • 1 November 2013
The novel species Agaricus lamelliperditus and A. colpeteii are described and illustrated, and affinities to other taxa determined by analysis of ITS sequence data. Both taxa resemble several otherExpand
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Impact of Videotaped Instruction in Dialogic Reading Strategies: An Investigation of Caregiver Implementation Integrity.
Research during the past 15 years has repeatedly demonstrated the beneficial effects of dialogic reading (DR), a form of shared storybook reading, on the development of language in preschoolExpand
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Use of a Daily Report Card in an Intervention Package Involving Home-School Communication to Reduce Disruptive Behavior in Preschoolers
The effectiveness of a daily report card in an intervention package involving home-school communication to decrease disruptive behavior in preschoolers was investigated. A sample of fourExpand
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‘Cort short on a mountaintop’ – Eight new species of sequestrate Cortinarius from sub-alpine Australia and affinities to sections within the genus
During the course of research on mammal mycophagy and movement in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, extensive collections of sequestrate fungi were made, including numerousExpand
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Erratum to: The sequestrate genus Rossbeevera T.Lebel & Orihara gen. nov. (Boletaceae) from Australasia and Japan: new species and new combinations
We wish to correct a spelling error in the original publication for a newly described genus honouring the New Zealand mycologist Ross Beever. The correct spelling is Rossbeevera T. Lebel & OriharaExpand
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Fungi associated with Asphondylia (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) galls on Sarcocornia quinqueflora and Tecticornia arbuscula (Chenopodiaceae)
Galls induced by the gall-forming midges Asphondylia floriformis and A. sarcocorniae on Sarcocornia quinqueflora, and A. tecticorniae and A. peelei on Tecticornia arbuscula, were collected from twoExpand
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