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Institutions and Institutional Work
Providing a retrospective and prospective overview of organization studies, the Handbook continues to challenge and inspire readers with its synthesis of knowledge and literature. As ever,Expand
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Institutional Entrepreneurship in Emerging Fields: HIV/AIDS Treatment Advocacy in Canada
In a qualitative study of the emerging field of HIV/AIDS treatment advocacy in Canada, we found that institutional entrepreneurship involved three sets of critical activities: (1) the occupation ofExpand
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Discourse and Institutions
We argue that the processes underlying institutionalization have not been investigated adequately and that discourse analysis provides a coherent framework for such investigation. Accordingly, weExpand
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The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Institutionalism
Introduction - Royston Greenwood, Christine Oliver, Kerstin Sahlin and Roy Suddaby PART ONE: FOUNDATIONAL THEMES Legitimacy in Organizational Institutionalism - David L Deephouse and Marc SuchmanExpand
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Institutional Work: Refocusing Institutional Studies of Organization
In this paper, we discuss an alternative focus for institutional studies of organization - the study of institutional work. Research on institutional work examines the practices of individual andExpand
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Discourse and Collaboration: The Role of Conversations and Collective Identity
We explore the relationship between discourse and interorganizational collaboration, arguing that interorganizational collaboration can be understood as the product of sets of conversations that drawExpand
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Institutional Work in the Transformation of an Organizational Field: The Interplay of Boundary Work and Practice Work
We draw on an in-depth longitudinal analysis of conflict over harvesting practices and decision authority in the British Columbia coastal forest industry to understand the role of institutional workExpand
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Institutional effects of interorganizational collaboration: The emergence of proto-institutions
We argue that collaboration can act as a source of change in institutional fields through the generation of “proto-institutions”: new practices, rules, and technologies that transcend a particularExpand
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Institutional Work: Actors and Agency in Institutional Studies of Organizations
List of figures List of tables List of contributors 1. Introduction: theorizing and studying institutional work Thomas B. Lawrence, Roy Suddaby and Bernard Leca Part I. Essays on Institutional Work:Expand
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Institutional Strategy
The ability of organizations to strategically influence their environments has become a central concern in organizational research. In this article, I develop the concept of ‘institutional strategy’Expand
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