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Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud
This is a book about the making and unmaking of sex over the centuries. It tells the astonishing story of sex in the West from the ancients to the moderns in a precise account of developments inExpand
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:A Man's Place: Masculinity and the Middle-Class Home in Victorian England
John Tosh's book is a signal event. It celebrates the full coming of age of the history of masculinity as a recognised academic sub-discipline. If Davidoff and Hall laid the foundations in thisExpand
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CHAPTER VIII. Memory and Naming in the Great War
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Orgasm, Generation, and the Politics of Reproductive Biology
SOMETIME IN THE LATE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY human sexual nature changed, to paraphrase Virginia Woolf. This essay gives an account of the radical eighteenth-century reconstitution of female, and moreExpand
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The Cultural Origins of Popular Literacy in England 1500‐1850
For all its maypoles and rough music, its bear baitings and St. Monday drunks, its ancient feasts and more ancient folkways, the popular culture of seventeenth and eighteenth century England wasExpand
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Sex in the Flesh
This response to Michael Stolberg argues that the occasional piece of evidence for sexual dimorphism in Renaissance anatomy does no damage to what I had earlier called the “one‐sex model.” There areExpand
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Ascribing genderthe distinction or humans into "women" dnel "men" -is an ancient and ubiquitous practice. While there arc culturf'S in which gcnder aSCliption is weak, there arc no known culturesExpand
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Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation
At a time when almost any victimless sexual practice has its public advocates and almost every sexual act is fit for the front page, the easiest, least harmful, and most universal one isExpand
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Bodies, death, and pauper funerals.
  • T. Laqueur
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  • 1 February 1983
memoration of the soul's departure from the body and the body's return to dust became an occasion to represent, with unrivaled clarity, the possibility of social worthlessness, earthly failure, andExpand
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Chinese femininities, Chinese masculinities : a reader
Foreword Thomas Laqueur Introduction: Theorizing Femininities and Masculinities Susan Brownell and Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom Part I. Gender and the Law (Qing) 1. Femininity in Flux: Gendered Virtue andExpand
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