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Chemical composition and larvicidal activity of the essential oils from Eupatorium betonicaeforme (D.C.) Baker (Asteraceae).
The volatile composition of the essential oils from leaves and roots of Eupatorium betonicaeforme (D.C.) Baker was analyzed by GC-MS. A total of 12 compounds were identified. beta-CaryophylleneExpand
Antiproliferative effects of compounds derived from plants of Northeast Brazil
Ten compounds derived from plants indigenous to Northeast Brazil were examined for antiproliferative effects on human cells in vitro. The effects of these phytochemicals on cell growth wereExpand
Oncocalyxones A and C, 1,4-anthracenediones from Auxemma oncocalyx: comparison with anticancer 1,9-anthracenediones.
Oncocalyxones A and C are 1,4-anthracenediones isolated from Auxemma oncocalyx (Boraginaceae) that have been shown to be cytotoxic to tumor cells in vitro. The present study compared the cytotoxicityExpand
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of a fraction rich in oncocalyxone A isolated from Auxemma oncocalyx.
In the present work we studied the antinociceptive and antiedematogenic effects of a quinone fraction (QF) isolated from the heartwood of Auxemma oncocalyx Taub. The major constituent of QF, whichExpand
Quinones from plants of northeastern Brazil: structural diversity, chemical transformations, NMR data and biological activities
The present review focus in quinones found in species of Brazilian northeastern Capraria biflora, Lippia sidoides, Lippia microphylla and Tabebuia serratifolia. The review cover ethnopharmacologicalExpand
Larvicidal Activity against Aedes Aegypti L. (Diptera: Culicidae) of Essential Oils of Lippia Species from Brazil
The larvicidal activity of the essential oils from leaves of five species of Lippia (L. alba, L. aff. gracilis, L. gracilis, L. microphylla and L. nodiflora) was studied on third instar larvae ofExpand
Composition and Larvicidal Activity of Essential Oil from Stemodia Maritima L
The leaves and stems of Stemodia maritima, collected in the state of Ceara, Brazil, were subjected to hydrodistillation and their essential oils were analyzed by combined GC and GC/MS. The majorExpand
Sesquiterpenes and a Phenylpropanoid from Cordia trichotoma
Two new secondary metabolites, the phenylpropanoid 3-(2′,4′,5′-trimethoxyphenyl)propanoic acid (1) and the sesquiterpene (+)-1β,4β,6α-trihydroxyeudesmane (2) were isolated from the heartwood ofExpand
Chemical composition of the essential oils from two subspecies of Protium heptaphyllum
Qualitative and quantitative analyses of the volatile constituents from resin of Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) Marchand subsp. ulei (Swat) Daly (PHU), and Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) Marchand subsp.Expand
Chemical composition of the essential oil from Vernonia scorpioides (Asteraceae)
The essential oil from aerial parts of Vernonia scorpiodes was obtained by hydrodistillation in a Clevenger-type apparatus. Qualitative and quantitative analysis were performed by GC–FID and GC–MS,Expand