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The Evolution of Property Rights: A Study of the American West
SINCE Ronald Coase's work on "The Problem of Social Cost,"' economists have increasingly turned their attention to the effects of property rights on market operations.2 The way in which propertyExpand
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Land Tenure and Agricultural Productivity on Indian Reservations
A GRICULTURAL success stories are the exception on Indian reservations, where potentially productive land often sits idle, growing weeds and eroding. Despite abundant natural resources, includingExpand
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Sovereignty, Credible Commitments, and Economic Prosperity on American Indian Reservations
American Indian reservations are islands of poverty in a sea of wealth. Because this poverty cannot be explained solely by natural resource, physical, and human capital constraints, institutions areExpand
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Privatizing the Commons: An Improvement?
Recent years have seen political economists turning to an institutional paradigm wherein the extent to which property rights are defined and enforced is an important determinant of human action.Expand
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Free Market Environmentalism
Free Market Environmentalism by Terry L. Anderson and Donald R. Leal is a call to action rather than an empirical study. These authors argue that the environment and the market are inextricablyExpand
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Valuing Non-Marketed Goods: The Case of Elk Permit Lotteries☆
Abstract Permit allocation methods offer a way of estimating the value of non-marketed elk hunting. Applicants compete for elk hunting permits in Colorado by acquiring preference points that have aExpand
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Sovereign Nations or Reservations?: An Economic History of American Indians
“All societies face the problem of preventing those who exercise the legitimate powers of government from using such power to transfer societal wealth–or additional power–to themselves. . . .The taskExpand
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Gateway Control Protocol Version 1
This document defines the protocol used between elements of a physically decomposed multimedia gateway, i.e., the Media Gateway and a Media Gateway Controller. Expand
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The Problem of Instream Flows
To obtain a surface water right in the arid American West, private appropriators have been required to undertake actual physical diversion of the water. That requirement largely negates the role ofExpand
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