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Regeneration efficiency and genotypic effect of some indica type Bangaldeshi rice (Oryza sativa L.) landraces
Five landraces which could be utilized in further manipulation, such as transformation and in vitro hybridization, were found to have higher regeneration ability and In vitro regenerated plants were successfully established in soil and produced fertile seeds.
Optimization of protoplast isolation from NaCl stressed primary, secondary and tertiary calli derived from mature seeds of Bangladeshi indica rice cultivar Binnatoa
A standardized protocol was developed for the isolation of protoplasts from salt stressed primary, secondary and tertiary calli of the moderately salt tolerant indica rice land race Binnatoa which avoids the need for laborious and time-consuming suspension cultures.
Selection of salt tolerant somaclones from indica rice through continuous in vitro and ex vitro sodium chloride stress
Information on transmission of somaclonal variation to sexual progeny is required for further exploitation of potentially useful variants in Bangladeshi indica rice genotypes.
Establishment of Morphogenic and Regeneration Ability in two Indica Rice Cell Suspension Cultures after Exposure to NaCl
An efficient protocol was developed for in vitro morphogenic ability along with plantlet regeneration of two Bangladeshi indica rice varieties (BR24 and BR26) via somatic embryogenesis by applying 50
Performance Of In Vitro Selected Nacl-Tolerant Regenerants Of Four Indica Rice Genotypes On Further Exposure To Nacl Stress In Glasshouse conditions
In vitro selected NaCl-tolerant regenerants of four indica rice genotypes, derived from continuous step-wise post induction to regeneration stages (SC1a and SC1b), yielded fertile SC1 plants after exposure up to 200 mM NaCl stress applied at the seedling and booting stages.