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State Estimation for Legged Robots - Consistent Fusion of Leg Kinematics and IMU
This paper introduces a state estimation framework for legged robots that allows estimating the full pose of the robot without making any assumptions about the geometrical structure of its environment. Expand
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Amphibia, Anura, Bufonidae, Melanophryniscus spectabilis Caramaschi and Cruz, 2002: distribution extension and geographic distribution map
We present here the first records of Melanophryniscus spectabilis out of its type locality and evidences of a restricted distribution for this species. We also discuss its conservation status.
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$\Sigma^{0}$ identification in proton induced reactions on a nuclear target
We have studied the production of neutral $\Sigma^{0}$ baryons in the reaction p+Nb at an incident proton energy of $E_{\textrm{kin}}$ = 3.5 GeV. The measurement has been performed with the HADESExpand
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A new microendemic species of Tropidurus (Squamata: Tropiduridae) from southern Brazil and revalidation of Tropidurus catalanensis Gudynas & Skuk, 1983.
The South American and cis-andean lizard genus Tropidurus has a complex taxonomic history. Most species were recently described and previous revisions included few specimens from the southern part ofExpand
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Registros notáveis de répteis de áreas abertas naturais do planalto e litoral do Estado de Santa Catarina, sul do Brasil
A composicao e a distribuicao dos repteis em Santa Catarina sao pouco conhecidas, particularmente em suas areas abertas naturais do planalto (estepe ombrofila) e do litoral (faixa litorânea deExpand
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Sigma0-Produktion in p+Nb-Reaktionen bei E = 3,5 GeV
Diese Arbeit beschaftigt sich mit der Produktion von Sigma0-Hyperonen in p+Nb-Reaktionen mit einer Strahlenergie von E = 3,5 GeV. Die Messung wurde mit dem HADES-Experiment an der GSI DarmstadtExpand
Amphibia, Anura, Cycloramphidae, Odontophrynus maisuma Rosset, 2008: distribution extension and geographic distribution map
New records of the recently described species Odontophrynus maisuma are presented for the state of Santa Catarina, filling gap and extending its distribution about 50 km northward.