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Flip-flop of phospholipids in vesicles: kinetic analysis with time-resolved small-angle neutron scattering.
It is deduced that the flip-flop of phosphatidylcholines does not take place spontaneously in cellular plasma membranes rich in cholesterol and that it requires enzymatic activities of energy-dependent and/or -independent flippases/floppases. Expand
Static and dynamic properties of phospholipid bilayer nanodiscs.
The results put forward a conjunction of static/dynamic properties of nanodiscs, where the entropic constraints are responsible for the accelerated desorption of lipids. Expand
Determination of interbilayer and transbilayer lipid transfers by time-resolved small-angle neutron scattering.
A time-resolved small-angle neutron scattering technique is applied to the vesicle system of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine for the first time to determine lipid kinetics and is perfectly suited for the determination of lipid exchange kinetics in equilibrium. Expand
Activity of an enzyme converting single‐chain tissue‐type plasminogen activator to the two‐chain form in preovulatory human follicular fluid
Results clearly demonstrated that follicular fluid contains an enzyme capable of efficiently converting sctPA to tctPA, and strongly suggests that the tPA/plasmin system in the preovulatory follicle of human ovaries is operated through the proteolytic conversion of sct PA to tCTPA rather than being regulated by a fibrin‐dependent mechanism. Expand
Proteolytic Activation of Single-chain Tissue-type Plasminogen Activator by Protease/α2-Macroglobulin Complex Isolated from Human Ovarian Follicular Fluid
The α2-macroglobulin fraction isolated from the follicular fluid of human ovaries is capable of proteolytically activating human single-chain tissue-type plasminogen activator, and it is demonstrated that a bound protease unlike plasma kallikrein was involved in the activation. Expand
S Follicular fluid obtained from follicle aspirates of women participating in in vitro fertilization program was found to contain a proteinase whose properties were very similar to those of plasmaExpand
Isolation and characterization of a Vicia graminea and Vicia unijuga lectins-binding (Vgu) glycoprotein with Thomsen-Friedenreich (T) activity from human liver metastases of pancreas carcinoma.
VGA- and VUA-binding glycoprotein with Thomsen-Friedenreich activity which was isolated, in a high state of purity, from VP fraction by HPLC using Asahipak GS-710 column, was demonstrated to be a mannose-rich glycop Protein with mol. Expand
Evaluation of Membrane Lipid Dynamics by Time-Resolved Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
In biological plasma membranes interbilayer transport and transbilayer movement of phospholipids are controlled by phospholipid transfer proteins and translocase enzymes [1]. Evaluation of theseExpand
Claudin expression during early postnatal development of the murine cochlea
BackgroundClaudins are major components of tight junctions, which form the paracellular barrier between the cochlear luminal and abluminal fluid compartments that supports the large transepithelialExpand
Blood group N antigen precursor glycoproteins and N antigen precursor glycoproteins with Thomsen-Friedenreich (T) activity from human liver metastatic carcinomas.
1. Four perchloric acid-soluble fractions (PASFs) from human liver metastases of sigmoid colon carcinoma (LSCC), pancreas carcinoma (LPC), breast carcinoma (LBC) and human normal liver (NL) wereExpand