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Design and Fabrication of MEMS-Based Monolithic Fuel Cells
This paper describes the design, fabrication and performance of small fuel cells using micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. The MEMS-based fuel cell consisted of three componentsExpand
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Gloss Measurement on Painted Surfaces
A method of gloss measurement which can obtain physical quantities closely associated with psychological gloss intervals was investigated. Sensory evaluation by a modified paired comparison methodExpand
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Effects of the Discharge-Gas Flow Rate on the Relative Sensitivity Factors in Glow-Discharge Mass Spectrometry with a Grimm-Type Ion Source
The effects of the discharge-gas flow rate on ion signals at a constant discharge voltage and current were studied with a Grimm-type glow-discharge ion source attached to a commercial massExpand
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High Speed Performance of a Basic ECL Gate with 1.25 Micron Design Rule
The purpose of this work is to demonstrate promising high speed performanc obtainable in conventional bipolar ECL gate of reduced design rule dimension. A basic ECL gate has been prepared using anExpand
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Effect of Sexual Difference on Prognosis of Esophageal Cancer
In esophageal cancer, females show a significantly better postoperative prognosis than males. In this study, the causes of the effect of sexual difference on postoperative prognosis are discussed.
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Sexual difference on prognosis of esophageal cancer.
食道癌には発生率ばかりでなく術後の予後にも性差がみられる. この差を生じさせている要因につき検討した. 対象は昭和44年から57年までに大阪大学第2外科で切除された食道癌194例 (男151例, 女43例) である. 性別の累積5年生存率 (以下5生率) は男21.7%, 女49.3%である. stage別に5生率をみるとstage IIIで男20.5%,Expand
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Gloss Measurement of Painted Surfaces
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Construction de separation de bielle
L'invention concerne une construction de separation de bielle concue de facon a appliquer un traitement de durcissement de surface sur une grande extremite dotee d'un trou d'axe (1d) de bielle, aExpand