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Systematic design of flat band slow light in photonic crystal waveguides.
We present a systematic procedure for designing "flat bands" of photonic crystal waveguides for slow light propagation. The procedure aims to maximize the group index - bandwidth product by changingExpand
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Two-dimensional photonic-bandgap structures operating at near-infrared wavelengths
PHOTONIC crystals are artificial structures having a periodic dielectric structure designed to influence the behaviour of photons in much the same way that the crystal structure of a semiconductorExpand
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Real-space observation of ultraslow light in photonic crystal waveguides.
We show the real-space observation of fast and slow pulses propagating inside a photonic crystal waveguide by time-resolved near-field scanning optical microscopy. Local phase and group velocities ofExpand
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Dependence of extrinsic loss on group velocity in photonic crystal waveguides.
We examine the effects of disorder on propagation loss as a function of group velocity for W1 photonic crystal (PhC) waveguides. Disorder is deliberately and controllably introduced into the photonicExpand
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Slow light enhancement of nonlinear effects in silicon engineered photonic crystal waveguides.
We report nonlinear measurements on 80microm silicon photonic crystal waveguides that are designed to support dispersionless slow light with group velocities between c/20 and c/50. By launchingExpand
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Loss engineered slow light waveguides.
Slow light devices such as photonic crystal waveguides (PhCW) and coupled resonator optical waveguides (CROW) have much promise for optical signal processing applications and a number of successfulExpand
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Coupling into slow-mode photonic crystal waveguides.
We study efficient injectors for coupling light from z-invariant ridge waveguides into slow Bloch modes of single-row defect photonic crystal waveguides. Two-dimensional vectorial computationsExpand
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Silicon nanostructures for photonics and photovoltaics.
Silicon has long been established as the material of choice for the microelectronics industry. This is not yet true in photonics, where the limited degrees of freedom in material design combined withExpand
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Spontaneous emission extraction and Purcell enhancement from thin-film 2-D photonic crystals
Electromagnetic band structure can produce either an enhancement or a suppression of spontaneous emission from two-dimensional (2-D) photonic crystal thin films. We believe that such effects might beExpand
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Four-wave mixing in slow light engineered silicon photonic crystal waveguides.
We experimentally investigate four-wave mixing (FWM) in short (80 μm) dispersion-engineered slow light silicon photonic crystal waveguides. The pump, probe and idler signals all lie in a 14 nm wideExpand
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