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Measuring the nonseparability of vector vortex beams
Vector beams have the defining property of nonseparable spatial and polarization degrees of freedom and are now routinely generated in the laboratory and used in a myriad of applications. Here weExpand
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Orbital-angular-momentum entanglement in turbulence
The turbulence-induced decay of orbital-angular-momentum (OAM) entanglement between two photons is investigated numerically and experimentally. To compare our results with previous work, we simulateExpand
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Coupled Ito equations of continuous quantum state measurement and estimation
We discuss a nonlinear stochastic master equation that governs the time evolution of the estimated quantum state. Its differential evolution corresponds to the infinitesimal updates that depend onExpand
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Higher-dimensional orbital-angular-momentum-based quantum key distribution with mutually unbiased bases
We present an experimental study of higher-dimensional quantum key distribution protocols based on mutually unbiased bases, implemented by means of photons carrying orbital angular momentum. WeExpand
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Qudit-Teleportation for photons with linear optics
Quantum Teleportation, the transfer of the state of one quantum system to another without direct interaction between both systems, is an important way to transmit information encoded in quantumExpand
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The decay of the orbital angular momentum entanglement in turbulence
The decay of the orbital angular momentum (OAM) entanglement is investigated experi- mentally. Our results show that OAM entanglement is more robust in turbulence for higher OAM values, confimingExpand
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Implementing quantum walks using orbital angular momentum of classical light.
We present an implementation scheme for a quantum walk in the orbital angular momentum space of a laser beam. The scheme makes use of a ring interferometer, containing a quarter-wave plate and a qExpand
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Simultaneous entanglement swapping of multiple orbital angular momentum states of light
High-bit-rate long-distance quantum communication is a proposed technology for future communication networks and relies on high-dimensional quantum entanglement as a core resource. While it is knownExpand
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A deterministic detector for vector vortex states
Encoding information in high-dimensional degrees of freedom of photons has led to new avenues in various quantum protocols such as communication and information processing. Yet to fully benefit fromExpand
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Counting statistics of many-particle quantum walks
We study quantum walks of many noninteracting particles on a beam splitter array as a paradigmatic testing ground for the competition of single- and many-particle interference in a multimode system.Expand
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