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Vortex dynamics and the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in a magnetic-field-induced organic superconductor.
Under special conditions, a superconducting state where the order parameter oscillates in real space, the so-called FFLO state, is theoretically predicted to exist near the upper critical field, asExpand
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Charge transfer degree and superconductivity of the incommensurate organic superconductor (MDT-TSF)(I3)0.422
The influence of a small change of carrier number on the superconducting transition temperature Tc in the incommensurate organic superconductors is investigated for MDT-TSF I3 0.422 MDT-TSF:Expand
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Fermi surface of the organic superconductor (MDT-ST)(I3)0.417 reconstructed by incommensurate potential
The effect of incommensurate potential on Fermi surface FS, which loses any translational symmetry in the energy bands, is investigated in the organic superconductor MDT-STI30.417, where MDT-ST isExpand
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Glass-like transition in κ-(ET)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br at Tg ~ 75 K - implications for the superconducting ground-state properties
High-resolution measurements of the linear coefficients of thermal expansion, α i (T), on κ-(ET) 2 Cu[N(CN) 2 ]Br reveal large, step-like anomalies at temperatures around 75 K. These have beenExpand
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Current-voltage characteristics of charge-ordered organic crystals.
The current-voltage characteristics of layered organic crystals theta-(BEDT-TTF)2MZn(SCN)4 (M = Cs, Rb) follow the power law with a large exponent (e.g., 8.4 at 0.29 K for M = Cs) over a wide rangeExpand
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Charge transport in charge-ordered layered crystals θ − ( BEDT-TTF ) 2 M Zn ( SCN ) 4 ( M = Cs , Rb ) : Effects of long-range Coulomb interaction and the Pauli exclusion principle
We have measured the current-voltage $(I\text{\ensuremath{-}}V)$ characteristics, dielectric properties, and magnetoresistances of insulating layered organic crystalsExpand
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Magnetization, thermoelectric, and pressure studies of the magnetic-field-induced metal-insulator transition in τ -phase organic conductors
We have investigated the magnetic-field-induced metal-insulator transition in the $\ensuremath{\tau}$-phase organic conductors, which occurs in fields above $35\phantom{\rule{0.3em}{0ex}}\mathrm{T}$Expand
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Specific Heat of the Multilayered Massless Dirac Fermion System
We have measured the specific heat of the multilayered massless Dirac fermion system α-(BEDT-TTF) 2 I 3 under pressure. The temperature dependence of the specific heat is almost quadratic at lowExpand
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