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Aeolus Toolbox for Dynamics Wind Farm Model, Simulation and Control
This paper presents the wind farm simulation model developed in the EU-FP7 project, AEOLUS. The idea is to provide a publicly available simulation package for researchers developing farm levelExpand
Survey of wind farm control - power and fatigue optimization
The main goal of this paper is to establish the present state of the art for wind farm control. The control area that will be focused on is the mechanical/aerodynamic part, which includes the windExpand
Consistency analysis of subspace identification methods based on a linear regression approach
This paper shows the possible inconsistency under the weak assumptions of the subspace method and develops only slightly stricter assumptions sufficient for consistency and which includes any model structure. Expand
Two methods for estimating aeroelastic damping of operational wind turbine modes from experiments
The theory and results of two experimental methods for estimating the modal damping of a wind turbine during operation are presented. Estimations of the aeroelastic damping of the operational turbineExpand
High-alumina low-silica HT stone wool fibers: a chemical compositional range with high biosolubility.
It is suggested that the dissolution mechanism for these fibers relates to the density of the surface silica layer on dissolving fibers and that the fraction of Si-O-Si linkages influences this. Expand
Estimation of Rotor Effective Wind Speed: A Comparison
A concise yet comprehensive analysis and comparison of many different model-based algorithms that are able to estimate the wind speed using common turbine measurements, reviewing their advantages and drawbacks is presented. Expand
The dispersion model for hydration of portland cement I. General concepts
Abstract This paper introduces an analytical mathematical model for development of the hydration of Portland cement: t0 + t1A + t2A2 = t t is time, and t0, t1 and t2 are time-constants depending onExpand
Prediction models for wind speed at turbine locations in a wind farm
In wind farms, individual turbines disturb the wind field by generating wakes that influence other turbines in the farm. From a control point of view, there is an interest in dynamic optimization ofExpand
New type of stonewool (HT fibres) with a high dissolution rate at pH = 4.5
A representative, the HT-3 fibre, of a new type of stonewool (HT fibres), characterized by a relatively high content of alumina and a relatively low content of silica, has recently been testedExpand
On Using Wind Speed Preview to Reduce Wind Turbine Tower Oscillations
A numerically efficient framework for the feedforward controller synthesis is developed and a simple yet meaningful parametric model of the measurement distortion is proposed and used to analyze the effects of distortion characteristics on the achievable performance and on the required length of preview. Expand