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Increase in Prefrontal Cortex Blood Flow during the Computer Version Trail Making Test
Background/Aims: Previous studies using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) have reported increases in both oxygenated hemoglobin (oxyHb) and deoxygenated hemoglobin (deoxyHb) during the paper versionExpand
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Augmentation index is associated with B-type natriuretic peptide in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) levels have been shown to be elevated in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF); however, the underlying mechanisms have not been fully elucidated.Expand
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Cardio-ankle vascular index is independently associated with the severity of coronary atherosclerosis and left ventricular function in patients with ischemic heart disease.
AIM The cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI) has been proposed as a new noninvasive marker of arterial stiffness independent of blood pressure. We investigated the association of the CAVI with coronaryExpand
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Supportive intervention using a mobile phone in behavior modification.
The authors previously developed a mobile ecological momentary assessment (EMA) system as a real-time data collection device using a mobile phone. In this study, a real-time advice function andExpand
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A measurement system for the bicycle crank angle using a wireless motion sensor attached to the crank arm
In this study, we propose a system for measuring the rotational angle of a bicycle crank arm. This system consists of a wireless motion sensor with bi-axial acceleration and angular velocity sensorsExpand
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Association of new arterial stiffness parameter, the cardio-ankle vascular index, with left ventricular diastolic function.
AIM Pulse wave velocity has been used as an index of aortic stiffness. Recently, the cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI), which reflects the stiffness of the aorta independently of blood pressure, hasExpand
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Serum interferon-gamma-inducible protein 10 level was increased in myocardial infarction patients, and negatively correlated with infarct size
Abstract Objectives: We examined the serum levels of interferon-gamma-inducible protein 10Expand
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Increased Augmentation Index of the Radial Pressure Waveform in Patients with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation
Objective: The augmentation index, a marker of wave reflection, has been reported to reflect vascular properties and to determine left ventricular (LV) characteristics. We investigated theExpand
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Evaluation of blood flow velocity waveform in common carotid artery using multi-branched arterial segment model of human arteries
Abstract Arteriosclerosis is considered to be a major cause of cardiovascular diseases, which account for approximately 30% of the causes of death in the world. We have recently demonstrated a strongExpand
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Mathematical equation of fusion index of tetanic contraction of skeletal muscles.
The fusion index (FI) is an index that can evaluate the tetanic progression of the skeletal muscles. Although the FI-frequency curve (FFC), which is obtained by changing the stimulation frequency, isExpand
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