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Acoustic analysis of the vocal tract during vowel production by finite-difference time-domain method.
The vocal tract shape is three-dimensionally complex. For accurate acoustic analysis, a finite-difference time-domain method was introduced in the present study. By this method, transfer functions ofExpand
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Difference in vocal tract shape between upright and supine postures: Observations by an open-type MRI scanner
Tatsuya Kitamura , Hironori Takemoto, Kiyoshi Honda, Yasuhiro Shimada, Ichiro Fujimoto, Yuko Syakudo, Shinobu Masaki, Kagayaki Kuroda, Noboru Oku-uchi and Michio Senda ATR Human Information ScienceExpand
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Exploring Human Speech Production Mechanisms by MRI
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Single-matrix formulation of a time domain acoustic model of the vocal tract with side branches
In this paper we extended Maeda's (1982) simulation method, by mathematical reformulation in terms of a single-matrix equation having a system matrix that is both sparse and symmetric, to accommodate any number of vocal tract side branches, thus enabling more realistic, physiologically correct acoustic simulation of speech production. Expand
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Acoustic roles of the laryngeal cavity in vocal tract resonance.
The acoustic effects of the laryngeal cavity on the vocal tract resonance were investigated by using vocal tract area functions for the five Japanese vowels obtained from an adult male speaker.Expand
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Visualisation of hypopharyngeal cavities and vocal-tract acoustic modelling
  • K. Honda, T. Kitamura, +10 authors J. Dang
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical…
  • 15 July 2010
The hypopharyngeal cavities consist of the laryngeal cavity and bilateral piriform fossa, constituting the bottom part of the vocal tract near the larynx. Visualisation of these cavities withExpand
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Cyclicity of laryngeal cavity resonance due to vocal fold vibration.
Acoustic effects of the time-varying glottal area due to vocal fold vibration on the laryngeal cavity resonance were investigated based on vocal tract area functions and acoustic analysis. TheExpand
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Comparison of vocal tract transfer functions calculated using one-dimensional and three-dimensional acoustic simulation methods
Acoustic characteristics of the vocal tract have been investigated extensively in the literature using a onedimensional (1D) acoustic simulation method. Expand
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Studies on the human speech production system based on MRI observations
This paper gives an outline of studies on human speech production system using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We have developed techniques on MRI to explore speech production mechanisms. Based onExpand
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