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Identification of 2-tetradecylglycidyl coenzyme A as the active form of methyl 2-tetradecylglycidate (methyl palmoxirate) and its characterization as an irreversible, active site-directed inhibitor
Assessing enzyme inhibition in an isolated rat liver mitochondrial system, TDGA- coA (synthetic or enzyme prepared) was more potent than TDGA or MeTDGA and retained activity in the absence of CoA or Mg2+-ATP and inhibited palmitoyl-CoA but not palmitoysl carnitine oxidation. Expand
Reduction of adhesion formation by postoperative administration of ionically cross-linked hyaluronic acid.
Flowable gels, which could be delivered readily by syringe and cannula, also were effective when administered at a site remote from injury and with saline present, whereas previous studies show that HA was effective in reducing adhesions peripheral to the site of injury. Expand
Lectin binding to cell surfaces: comparisons between normal and migrating corneal epithelium.
The results indicate that apical cell surfaces of the leading edge of a migrating sheet of epithelium differ from those of normal epit Helium and that the various cell layers within the stratified normal epithelia have different lectin-binding characteristics. Expand
Assessment of full‐thickness wounds in the genetically diabetic mouse for suitability as a wound healing model
The db/db diabetic mouse model has led us to recommend the use of this animal model only after its limitations have been identified and accepted, and granulation tissue thickness was reliably increased in response to treatment with recombinant human platelet‐derived growth factor‐BB. Expand
Goblet cell density in ocular surface disease. A better indicator than tear mucin.
The results indicated that the tear mucin content shows minimal variation over a great variation in goblet cell density, suggesting that while moderate mucin deficiency may be associated with surface abnormalities, such mucin deficiencies may not be the only cause of the ocular surface epithelial problems characteristic of these diseases. Expand
Keratin-like proteins in corneal and conjunctival epithelium are different.
Using SDS polyacrylamide slab-gel electrophoresis, water-insoluble (keratin-like) proteins in normal and regenerated ocular surface epithelium from rabbits were studied. The results indicated thatExpand
Limbal epithelium in ocular surface wound healing.
It is proposed that there are three distinct types of ocular surface epithelia--corneal, bulbar conjunctival, and limbal--and that limbal epithelium behaves differently from corneal and conjunctive epithelio in ocularsurface wound healing. Expand
Inhibition of Mitochondrial Carnitine Palmitoyl Transferase A in Vivo with Methyl 2-Tetradecylglycidate (Methyl Palmoxirate) and Its Relationship to Ketonemia and Glycemia 1
In conclusion, inhibition of liver β-oxidation at the stage of CPT-A by Me-TDGA can explain the potent hypoketonemic effects of this compound in fasted normal and diabetic rats. Expand
A Plasma Glycoprotein Depressed in Vitamin A Deficiency in the Rat: α1-Macroglobulin
Plasma glycoprotcin synthesis in normal and vitamin A- deficient rats was investigated by injecting the rats with labeled carbo hydrate precursors and then fractionating their plasmas on DEAE-Sepha-Expand
Epithelial sheet movement: protein and glycoprotein synthesis.
It is found that corneal epithelium migrating in organ culture incorporates leucine and glucosamine in amounts 45.5 and 11.9 times, respectively, greater than that in normal epithelia. Expand