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Mechanisms of relaxation induced by prostaglandins in isolated canine uterine arteries.
OBJECTIVE Prostaglandins liberated from the uterus in response to chemical and physical stimuli would be important modulators of uterine arterial tone and blood flow. This study was aimed atExpand
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The role of mucosal mast cell degranulation and free-radical generation in intestinal ischaemia-reperfusion injury in rats.
OBJECTIVES In this study, we determined the role of mucosal mast cell (MMC) activation in the pathogenesis of intestinal ischaemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury by immunohistochemical analysis usingExpand
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Mechanisms of Relaxation Induced by Angiotensin II in Isolated Canine and Human Uterine Arteries
The present study aimed to determine the action of angiotensin II and to pharmacologically analyze mechanisms of their action in isolated uterine arteries. Canine and human uterine artery strips wereExpand
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Expression of fibroblast growth factor‐2 transcripts in the healing of acetic acid‐induced gastric ulcers
Basic fibroblast growth factor‐2 (FGF‐2) has an important role in angiogenesis, and has been demonstrated to promote ulcer healing. However, the actual part played by FGF‐2 in the process of ulcerExpand
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Bactericidal activity of catechin‐copper (II) complexes on Escherichia coli ATCC11775 in the absence of hydrogen peroxide
Washed Escherichia coli ATCC11775 cells were killed by (–)‐epigallocatechin (EGC) in the presence of a non‐ lethal concentration of Cu2+ (1 μmol l−1) without additional H2O2, but not byExpand
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Relaxant responses to prostaglandin F2 alpha and E2 of isolated human uterine arteries.
We wished to determine the action of prostaglandins (PG) and to analyze pharmacologically the mechanisms of their action in isolated human uterine arteries in special reference to mediators liberatedExpand
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Ionic and nonionic fluoride levels in blood of dialyzed and undialyzed patients with renal failure and kidney transplanted patients.
The present study revealed that the total fluoride level in human whole blood is closely related to the renal function. For the undialyzed patients who had not undergone hemodialysis, the totalExpand
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Sonochemical and photochemical reactions of bromotrichloromethane in the presence and absence of 1-alkene.
Comparison between sonolysis and photolysis of bromotrichloromethane in the presence and absence of 1-alkenes was performed to elucidate the characteristics of homogeneous sonochemistry. ResultsExpand
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[Analysis of microsatellite regions and DNA ploidy pattern in signet ring cell carcinomas of the stomach].
We examined microsatellite instability (MSI) and loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in regions of several important genes in 25 signet-ring cell carcinomas of the stomach. The relationship betweenExpand
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