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Direct Frequency Modulation In AlGaAs Semiconductor Lasers
Direct frequency modulation characteristics in three different AlGaAs lasers - a channeled-substrate planar (CSP) laser, a buried-heterostructure (BH) laser, and a transverse-junction-stripe (TJS)Expand
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LASERS, OPTICS, AND OPTOELECTRONICS 2865 Single-mode solid-state single photon source based on isolated quantum dots in pillar microcavities
We report the fabrication of a single-mode solid-state single photon source, based on an isolated InAs quantum dot (QD) on resonance with the fundamental mode of a pillar microcavity. PhotonExpand
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Birefringence and polarization characteristics of single-mode optical fibers under elastic deformations
Birefringence and polarization dispersion caused by: 1) elliptical core, 2) twist, 3) pure bending, 4) transverse pressure, and 5) axial tension are studied by treating these deformations asExpand
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Birefringence caused by thermal stress in elliptically deformed core optical fibers
Birefringence and polarization dispersion introduced by thermal stress in single-mode fibers with elliptical core are formulated here in terms of fiber structure parameters, thermal expansionExpand
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A proton beam accelerated by the J-PARC main ring (MR) is slowly extracted by a third integer resonant extraction and delivered to the hadron experimental hall. A low beam loss (high extractionExpand
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One-dimensional Wolter optics with a sub-50 nm spatial resolution.
We studied an imaging system consisting of an elliptical mirror and a hyperbolic mirror [i.e., one-dimensional (1D) Wolter optics] to realize an achromatic full-field hard x-ray microscopy with aExpand
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2 Gbit/s optical transmission experiments at 1.3 μm with 44 km single-mode fibre
GeAPD optical receiver sensitivity at 1.3 μm was studied up to 2 Gbit/s. High sensitivity of the receiver and a low coupling loss of 4 dB between a laser and a single-mode fibre achieved by aExpand
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Spatial hole-burning effects in a Nd 3+ :YAG laser
The concept of spatial hole burning in the population inversion distribution of a solid-state laser was introduced by Tang et al in 1963 [3]. In this paper, several aspects of the spatialExpand
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Degree of polarization in anisotropic single-mode optical fibers: Theory
The degree of polarization for propagation waves in anisotropic single-mode fibers is formulated in terms of light source spectrum, incident polarization condition, and fiber parameters. TheExpand
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Polarisation conservation in single-mode fibres
There exist proper orthogonal elliptical polarisation states, which are maintained over long fibre length without converting. When one of the proper polarisation states is excited, orthogonalExpand
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