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Pravastatin induces placental growth factor (PGF) and ameliorates preeclampsia in a mouse model
Preeclampsia is a relatively common pregnancy-related disorder. Both maternal and fetal lives will be endangered if it proceeds unabated. Recently, the placenta-derived anti-angiogenic factors, suchExpand
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Effect of particle size reduction on dissolution and oral absorption of a poorly water-soluble drug, cilostazol, in beagle dogs.
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effects of particle size on the dissolution and oral absorption of cilostazol. Three types of suspensions having different particle sizeExpand
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Establishment of new preparation method for solid dispersion formulation of tacrolimus.
The aim of this study was to establish a new preparation method for solid dispersion formulation (SDF) of tacrolimus, a poorly water-soluble drug, without dichloromethane, because no use ofExpand
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Uridine receptor: discovery and its involvement in sleep mechanism.
This review deals with the concept of sleep mechanism based on our uridine receptor theory. It is well established that uridine is one of the sleep-promoting substances, we have, therefore,Expand
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Gastrointestinal transit and drug absorption.
The gastrointestinal (GI) absorption of orally administered drugs is determined by not only the permeability of GI mucosa but also the transit rate in the GI tract. It is well known that the gastricExpand
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Skin permeation of propranolol from polymeric film containing terpene enhancers for transdermal use.
To develop the suitable film formulations of propranolol hydrochloride (PPL) containing enhancers for transdermal use, polymeric film formulations were prepared by employing ethyl cellulose (EC) andExpand
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The absorption of aminopenicillins from rat small intestine was investigated by using the in situ oerfsion technique. Carrier-mediated teansport systems were demonstrated for amonxicillin andExpand
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Time-dependent changes in opsonin amount associated on nanoparticles alter their hepatic uptake characteristics.
The relationship between the time-dependent change in serum proteins adsorbed on nanoparticles and their disposition to the liver was investigated by employing lecithin-coated polystyrene nanosphereExpand
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Effects of diclofenac sodium and disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate on electrical parameters of the mucosal membrane and their relation to the permeability enhancing effects in the rat jejunum
The effects of diclofenac sodium and disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate (EDTA) on electrical parameters of rat jejunal membrane were investigated, together with measurement of theExpand
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Anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid receptor ligand, also interacts with 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) receptor.
Interactions of anandamide (N-arachidonylethanolamide), an endogenous compound for cannabinoid receptors, with the receptors for 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), benzodiazepine, and gamma-aminobutyricExpand
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