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Electrospun carbon nanotubes-gold nanoparticles embedded nanowebs: prosperous multi-functional nanomaterials.
Electrospinning was employed to prepare new multi-functional nanowebs. Cyclodextrin based inclusion complex (CD-IC) was used to disperse multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNT) within electrospunExpand
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Flame retardant and weathering resistant self-layering epoxy-silicone coatings for plastics
Abstract Lowering fire hazard raised by combustible materials such as plastics may be achieved by the use of suitable flame retardant treatments, like fire protective coatings. However, exposure toExpand
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Excitation Mechanisms of Green Emission from Terbium Ions Embedded Inside the Sol-Gel Films Deposited onto Nanoporous Substrates
In this work we investigate the excitation mechanism of Tb ions in different inorganic sol-gel matrices (composite film of YAlO3 and Al2O3; Ba0,6Sr0,3Ca0,1:TiO3) in porous anodic alumina films. TheExpand
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