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Synthesis, complexation and antifungal, antibacterial activity studies of a new macrocyclic schiff base
A new macrocyclic ligand, L was synthesized using the high dilution condition with condensation of triethylene glycol diamine and terephtalaldehyde in ethanol. The obtained product, L was identified
Diterpenes from Sideritis Trojana
Six known ent-kaurene, a new ent-kaurane and a new pimarane diterpenes were isolated from Sideritis trojana and the structures of new compounds were determined by IR, 1D and 2D NMR techniques and HRMS.
Metabolic profile and biological activity of Sideritis brevibracteata P. H. Davis endemic to Turkey
ABSTRACT Essential oil and phenolic compositions of Sideritis brevibracteata P.H. Davis, which is an endemic species in Turkey and commonly used as a herbal tea for some diseases, were determined by
Analysis of Essential Oil Composition of Thymbra spicata var. spicata: Antifungal, Antibacterial and Antimycobacterial Activities
  • T. Kilic
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. C, Journal of…
  • 1 June 2006
The essential oil and carvacrol showed strong activity against all microorganisms, except P. aeruginosa, trans-caryophyllene showed activity only against C. faecalis and C. albicans, and also showed strong antimycobacterial activity.
Phytochemical Analysis of Some Sideritis Species of Turkey
Linearol, foliol, epicandicandiol, siderol and ent-7α,18-dihydroxy-15β,16β-epoxykaurane have been investigated for antibacterial activity test. Highest activity of epicandicandiol has been determined
Ent-kaurene Diterpenoids from Sideritis lycia with Antiviral and Cytotoxic Activities
The genus Sideritis (Lamiaceae) is represented by 45 species (54 taxa) in Anatolia with high endemism ratio (74%), and Turkey is one of the gene centers of the genus along with Spain. Acetone extract
X-ray analysis of sideroxol from Sideritis leptoclada
Sideroxol (1), a kaurane diterpene which has the ent-7α,18-dihydroxy-15β,16β-epoxykaurane structure (MW = 320.47, C20H32O3) was obtained from the acetone extract of Sideritis leptoclada plant as well
Fatty Acid Compositions of Seed Oils of Three Turkish Salvia Species and Biological Activities
The fatty acid composition of seed extracts of Salvia bracteata, S. aethiopis, and S. candidissima ssp. candidissima were analyzed by GC/MS. The main compound of S. bracteata, S. aethiopis, and S.