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One-Level Storage System
This paper describes an automatic system which in principle can be applied to any combination of two storage systems so that the combination can be regarded by the machine user as a single level. Expand
A system for the automatic recognition of patterns
The paper describes a new method for the automatic recognition of patterns. Expand
A digital computer store with very short read time
The paper describes the principles of operation and the construction of storage units with a very short access time for reading. One form of the store which has been constructed has a capacity of 200Expand
A storage system for use with binary-digital computing machines
The requirement for digital computing machines of large storage capacity has led to the development of a storage system in which the digits are represented by a charge pattern on the screen of aExpand
An accurate electroluminescent graphical-output unit for a digital computer
The paper describes a graphical-output unit fabricated from a uniform layer of electroluminescent phosphor with 512 parallel conducting strips on either side, these respective sets of strips beingExpand
Automatic strobes and recurrence-frequency selectors
Automatic strobes and recurrence-frequency selectors are both systems devised for radar purposes in which a locally-generated repetitive pulse, called a “strobe,” is held in coincidence with anExpand
Universal high-speed digital computers: a decimal storage system
The paper describes three methods of storing decimal digits, which are extensions of the well-known method of storing binary digits using a cathode-ray-tube store. Expand
A parallel arithmetic unit using a saturated-transistor fast-carry circuit
The paper describes a transistor switch technique which is of particular importance in applications where a large number of switches have to be connected in series and where the propagation time of information through these switches has to be a minimum. Expand
High-speed digital storage using cylindrical magnetic films
Digital stores consisting of closed magnetic circuits deposited on long glass tubes are described. These promise considerably increased operating speeds compared with present stores, together withExpand