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Topology of cosmic domains and strings
The possible domain structures which can arise in the universe in a spontaneously broken gauge theory are studied. It is shown that the formation of domain wall, strings or monopoles depends on theExpand
Lorentz Invariance and the Gravitational Field
An argument leading from the Lorentz invariance of the Lagrangian to the introduction of the gravitational field is presented. Utiyama's discussion is extended by considering the 10‐parameter groupExpand
Some Implications of a Cosmological Phase Transition
I discuss the reasons for believing that phase transitions occurred in the very early history of the universe, and the topological structures that may have been generated thereby-in particular, theExpand
Symmetry Breaking in Non-Abelian Gauge Theories
According to the Goldstone theorem, any manifestly covariant broken-symmetry theory must exhibit massless particles. However, it is known from previous work that such particles need not appear in aExpand
Causality and Chance in Modern Physics
David Bohm 1984 Henley on Thames: Routledge and Kegan Paul xv + 170 pp price £3.95 ISBN 0 7102 0031 5 This is not a new book, nor even in any real sense a new edition. It is a reprint of a bookExpand
Geometrization of quantum mechanics
Quantum mechanics is cast into a classical Hamiltonian form in terms of a symplectic structure, not on the Hilbert space of state-vectors but on the more physically relevant infinite-dimensionalExpand
Evolution of a system of cosmic strings
The formation and destruction of closed loops in a system of strings is discussed. Coupled equations are set up to describe the evolution of the system and it is shown that it must either evolve to aExpand
Cosmic strings
The topic of cosmic strings provides a bridge between the physics of the very small and the very large. They are predicted by some unified theories of particle interactions. If they exist, they mayExpand
Gauge Theories Of Gravitation: A Reader With Commentaries
The Rise of Gauge Theory of Gravity Up to 1961: From Special to General Relativity Theory Analyzing General Relativity Theory A Fresh Start by Yang - Mills and Utiyama Poincare Gauge Theory: EinsteinExpand