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The Prognostic Significance of FoxP3+ T Cells and CD8+ T Cells in Colorectal Carcinomas.
Recent studies report that tumor microenvironment effects prognosis of colorectal cancers. We analyzed the densities of FoxP3+ cells and CD8+ cells, the ratio of FoxP3+/CD8+ cells and theExpand
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Invasive squamous cell carcinoma originating from a giant penile condyloma
In this case study, we present an unusual case with squamous cell carcinoma originating from a giant condyloma acuminata completely surrounding the penis. A 57-year-old circumcised heterosexual maleExpand
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The prognostic significance of survivin expression in gallbladder carcinoma
Gallbladder cancers (GBC) are characterized by rapid progression, early metastasis, and poor prognosis; the molecular mechanisms of the various signaling pathways involved should be elucidated toExpand
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A Different Perspective on Macroscopic Sampling of Cholecystectomy Specimens
Background Because there may be interdepartmental differences in macroscopic sampling of cholecystectomy specimens, we aimed to investigate differences between the longitudinal sampling technique andExpand
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The prognostic significance of survivin expression in gallbladder carcinoma.
e15589Background: Gallbladder cancers (GBC) have poor prognosis and the molecular mechanisms of GBC should be elucidated to develop effective therapies.Survivin, an apoptosis inhibitor protein, pla...
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Meme karsinomlarında p53, c-erb B2 ve bcl-2 işaretleyicilerinin doku kesitinde ve ince iğne aspirasyon biyopsi materyallerinde karşılaştırmalı değerlendirilmesi
OBJECTIVE: Fine needle aspiration biopsy in breast cancer is accepted to be an appropriate alternative to surgical biopsy both for diagnosis and to define some prognostic parameters. In this studyExpand
A case of clear cell chondrosarcoma located in the acetabulum was reported. The patient was a 39 years old woman who had right pelvic pain. Microscopic examination revealed that the tumor cells haveExpand
Potential Trapping Lesion of the Parotid Gland (Multi-Nodular Oncocytic Hyperplasia): Case Report
Oncocytic lesions rarely affect the parotid gland, accounting for less than 1% of all salivary lesions. Oncocytosis is the accumulation and proliferation of oncocytes in salivary glands in nodular orExpand
Tiroid Nodüllerinde Ultrasonografi Eşliğinde İnce İğne Aspirasyon Sitolojisi: Sitohistolojik Korelasyon
Bu calismanin amaci, merkezimizde US esliginde tiroid nodullerine uygulanan IIAS yeterlilik ve sitolojik tani dagilimini degerlendirmek, ayrica hastanemizde ameliyat olmus hastalarin preoperatifExpand
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