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Next-generation sequencing reveals genomic features in the Japanese quail.
The Japanese quail has several advantages as a laboratory animal for biological and biomedical investigations. In this study, the draft genome of the Japanese quail was sequenced and assembled usingExpand
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Conservation of a Threatened Indigenous Fowl (Kureko Dori) Using the Germline Chimeras Transplanted from Primordial Germ Cells
This is the first successful report on producing the endangered domestic fowl, Kureko Dori (KD), which is a Kumamoto prefectural natural treasure, using germline chimeras transplanted from primordialExpand
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In utero and Lactational Exposure to Acetamiprid Induces Abnormalities in Socio-Sexual and Anxiety-Related Behaviors of Male Mice
Neonicotinoids, a widely used group of pesticides designed to selectively bind to insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, were considered relatively safe for mammalian species. However, they haveExpand
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The mechanisms underlying sexual differentiation of behavior and physiology in mammals and birds: relative contributions of sex steroids and sex chromosomes
From a classical viewpoint, sex-specific behavior and physiological functions as well as the brain structures of mammals such as rats and mice, have been thought to be influenced by perinatal sexExpand
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Analyzing the effects of co-expression of chick (Gallus gallus) melanocortin receptors with either chick MRAP1 or MRAP2 in CHO cells on sensitivity to ACTH(1-24) or ACTH(1-13)NH2: Implications for
In order to better understand the roles that melanocortin receptors (cMCRs) and melanocortin-2 receptor accessory proteins (cMRAP1 and cMRAP2) play in the HPA axis and hypothalamus, adrenal gland andExpand
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Melatonin receptor genes (mel‐1a, mel‐1b, mel‐1c) are differentially expressed in the avian germ line
The presence of melatonin receptor transcripts (mel‐1a, mel‐1b and mel‐1c) was investigated in primordial germ cells (PGCs), immature and mature oocytes, and sperm of Japanese quail by reverseExpand
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Avian Test Battery for the Evaluation of Developmental Abnormalities of Neuro- and Reproductive Systems
Most of the currently used toxicity assays for environmental chemicals use acute or chronic systemic or reproductive toxicity endpoints rather than neurobehavioral endpoints. In addition, the currentExpand
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New Screening Test for Male Germline Chimeric Chickens by Polymerase Chain Reaction Using Shingle Nucleotide Polymorphism Detection Primers
Since it is impossible to distinguish germline chimeric chickens by appearance only, a progeny test is required for analyzing germline chimerism. To reduce the labor, time and expense involved inExpand
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An avian embryo culture system for embryogenesis using an artificial vessel: possible conservation benefits in the rescue and management of endangered avian species
The development of artificial means to conserve some endangered avian species seems urgently needed. We devised an eggshell-less embryo culture system for embryogenesis using chicken or quail embryosExpand
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