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The price of gold : A simple model
Abstract Using regression techniques and seeking a simple predictive model the authors derived a formula for the annual price of gold based on changes in the rate of inflation in the USA, an index ofExpand
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Arcimboldo: Visual Jokes, Natural History, and Still-Life Painting
In Giuseppe Arcimboldo's most famous paintings, grapes, fish, and even the beaks of birds form human hair. A pear stands in for a man's chin. Citrus fruits sprout from a tree trunk that doubles as aExpand
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Sustainable livestock production: Low emission farm – The innovative combination of nutrient, emission and waste management with special emphasis on Chinese pig production
  • T. Kaufmann
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  • Animal nutrition
  • 21 August 2015
Global livestock production is going to be more and more sophisticated in order to improve efficiency needed to supply the rising demand for animal protein of a growing, more urban and affluentExpand
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Toward a Geography of Art
Art history traditionally classifics works of art by country as well as period, but often political borders and cultural boundaries are highly complex and fluid. Questions of identity, policy, andExpand
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Integrated approach to the conservation and restoration of Danube salmon, Hucho hucho, populations in Austria
The Danube salmon, Hucho hucho, is among the most endangered fish species in Europe. In Austria, as a consequence of river channelisation and hydropower development, only 10% of its formerExpand
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The Mastery of Nature: Aspects of Art, Science, and Humanism in the Renaissance
Responding to ongoing debates over the role of humanism in the rise of empirical science, Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann explores the history of Renaissance art to help explain the complex beginnings of theExpand
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Visual Culture Questionnaire
1. It has been suggested that the interdisciplinary project of "visual culture" is no longer organized on the model of history (as were the disciplines of art history, architectural history, filmExpand
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