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A rapid esterification by means of mixed anhydride and its application to large-ring lactonization.
A rapid and mild esterification method using carboxylic 2,4,6-trichlorobenzoic anhydrides in the presence of 4-dimethylaminopyridine was developed. The method was also successfully applied to theExpand
The first practical method for asymmetric epoxidation
ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Methods and compositions are provided for asymecrically donating an oxygen atom to a pair of electrons to produce an asymmetric product. Specifically, a metal alkoxide isExpand
Catalytic asymmetric epoxidation of unfunctionalized olefins
Abstract Manganese complex of the optically active salen ligand [ N,N '-bis[( S )-3-(1-phenylpropyl)salicylidene]-(1 R ,2 R )-1,2-diphenylethylenediaminato] was found to be an effective catalyst forExpand
Fe(salan)-catalyzed asymmetric oxidation of sulfides with hydrogen peroxide in water.
  • H. Egami, T. Katsuki
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • 29 June 2007
A new chiral Fe(salan) complex was synthesized, and it was found to serve as an efficient catalyst for asymmetric oxidation of sulfides using hydrogen peroxide in water without surfactant. Not onlyExpand
Asymmetric catalysis of metal complexes with non-planar ONNO ligands: salen, salalen and salan.
This Feature Article summarizes the seminal studies on asymmetric catalysis of non-planar M(ONNO) complexes, full utilization of which will provide marked improvement in asymmetric synthesis. Expand
Mn-salen catalyst, competitor of enzymes, for asymmetric epoxidation
Asymmetric epoxidation of simple olefins using (salen)manganese(III) complexes as catalysts has made a great advances in the last half decade and now finds wide application in organic synthesis. InExpand