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Targeting LDH enzymes with a stiripentol analog to treat epilepsy
It is reported that seizures and epileptiform activity are reduced by inhibition of the metabolic pathway via lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), a component of the astrocyte-neuron lactate shuttle, and LDH inhibitors are a promising new group of antiepileptic drugs.
Involvement of Intracellular Ca2+ Levels in Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug-induced Apoptosis*
Ca2+-stimulated calpain activity and CHOP expression play important roles in celecoxib-induced apoptosis in gastric mucosal cells, and data indicate that the increase in intracellular Ca2+ levels that is observed in the presence of NSAIDs is due to the stimulation of Ca 2+ influx across the cytoplasmic membrane, which results from their membrane permeabilization activity.
Xanthene Dyes Induce Membrane Permeabilization of Bacteria and Erythrocytes by Photoinactivation
The ability to cause the leakage of K+ from erythrocytes was associated with dye‐induced morphological changes, forming a crenated form from the normal discoid.
A Role for HSP70 in Protecting against Indomethacin-induced Gastric Lesions*
Genetic evidence is provided that expression of HSP70 confers gastric protection against indomethacin-induced lesions by inhibiting the activation of Bax and the HSP inducing activity of geranylgeranylacetone seems to contribute to its gastroprotective activity against IndometHacin.
Simultaneous measurements of K+ and calcein release from liposomes and the determination of pore size formed in a membrane.
The changes induced by biologically active substances in the permeability to K+ and calcein of liposomes composed of egg phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol were measured simultaneously in order to
Purification and characterization of a hemolysin produced by Vibrio mimicus
It is shown that VMH is probably involved in the virulence of this human pathogen, and those from horses were most sensitive to the hemolysin.
Precise size determination of amphotericin B and nystatin channels formed in erythrocyte and liposomal membranes based on osmotic protection experiments.
It is demonstrated that introducing the sizes of hydrated ions can afford a more precise channel size than the use of sugars alone.