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Role of Lmx1b and Wnt1 in mesencephalon and metencephalon development.
The relationship among isthmus related genes is examined, the mechanism of the formation and maintenance of isthmic organizing activity is discussed, and the role of Wnt1 is considered. Expand
Interaction between Otx2 and Gbx2 defines the organizing center for the optic tectum
It is suggested that interaction between Otx2 and Gbx2 determines the site of Fgf8 expression and the posterior limit of the tectum. Expand
Isthmus organizer for midbrain and hindbrain development
A strong Fgf8 signal activates the Ras-ERK signaling pathway, which in turn activates Irx2 in a rostrodorsal part of the hindbrain, and forces this tissue to differentiate into cerebellum. Expand
Gain- and loss-of-function in chick embryos by electroporation
It remained very difficult to manipulate gene expression in chick embryos until the advent of in ovo electroporation which enabled the induction of both gain-of-function, and recentlyExpand
Gene silencing in chick embryos with a vector‐based small interfering RNA system
In this paper, the use of vector‐based RNA interference (RNAi) to specifically interfere with gene expression in chick embryos is reported. In ovo electroporation was carried out to transfer a smallExpand
Coactosin accelerates cell dynamism by promoting actin polymerization.
It is concluded that Coactosin functions downstream of Rac signaling and that it is involved in neurite extension and neural crest cell migration by actively participating in actin polymerization. Expand
Otx2 Is Involved in the Regional Specification of the Developing Retinal Pigment Epithelium by Preventing the Expression of Sox2 and Fgf8, Factors That Induce Neural Retina Differentiation
It is suggested that Otx2 prevents the presumptive RPE region from forming the NR by repressing the expression of both Fgf8 and Sox2 which induce the NR cell fate. Expand
Expression of chick Coactosin in cells in morphogenetic movement
In the growth cone of the oculomotor nerve axons, both Coactosin mRNA and protein were localized, which is indicative of the role of Coactsin in pathfinding of the growth cones. Expand
Secreted factor FAM3C (ILEI) is involved in retinal laminar formation.
Findings suggest that FAM3C is involved in retinal laminar formation processes in vertebrates, and cloned Xenopus FAM2C (XFAM3C) and performed Xenopus gain- and loss-of-function analysis suggest this. Expand
Possible role of Hes5 for the rostrocaudal polarity formation of the tectum
The results indicate that Hes5 is regulated by En and is responsible for rostral identity of mesencephalon by repressing ephrinA2, an active repressor form of Hes5 that showed a similar but more severe phenotype. Expand