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Reduction of Mo6+ with elemental sulfur by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans
In the presence of phosphate ions, molybdic ions (Mo6+) were reduced enzymatically with elemental sulfur by washed intact cells of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans to give molybdenum blue. The whole-cellExpand
Actual substrate for elemental sulfur oxidation by sulfur:ferric ion oxidoreductase purified from Thiobacillus ferrooxidans
Initial step of elemental sulfur (S0) oxidation by a purified sulfur:ferric ion oxidoreductase from Thiobacillus ferrooxidans was investigated. When S0 and reduced glutathione (GSH), whichwasExpand
Recent advances in light-driven C–H bond activation and building C–C bonds with CO2as a feedstock for carbon capture and utilization technology
CO2 is a representative greenhouse gas (GHG), and the Paris Agreement adopted by consensus on 12 December 2015 mandates worldwide reduction of CO2 emissions by 80% until the end of 2050 relative toExpand
Visible light-induced reduction properties of diphenylviologen with water-soluble porphyrin
Abstract Molecular conversion reaction system containing a dye and a biocatalyst catalyzing a reaction of a carbon–carbon bond formation from CO2 as a feedstock were constructed. For example,Expand
Visible light-induced reduction system of diphenylviologen derivative with water-soluble porphyrin for biocatalytic carbon–carbon bond formation from CO2
Abstract From the view point of green chemistry, CO2 utilization technologies with solar energy including the photoredox system have been received a lot of attention. As one of them, photoredoxExpand
Existence of a new type of sulfite oxidase which utilizes ferric ions as an electron acceptor in Thiobacillus ferrooxidans
A new type of sulfite oxidase which utilizes ferric ion (Fe3+) as an electron acceptor was found in iron-grown Thiobacillus ferrooxidans. It was localized in the plasma membrane of the bacterium andExpand
Inhibitory Action of 4-n-Butylresorcinol (Rucinol®) on Melanogenesis and Its Skin Whitening Effects
より効果の高い美白剤を開発する目的で, メラニン産生にかかわるチロシナーゼとTRP-1の活性阻害に着目して研究を行った。その結果見出した4-n-ブチルレゾルシノール (以下BRと略す) は,Expand
The improvement of formic acid production from CO2 with visible-light energy and formate dehydrogenase by the function of the viologen derivative with carbamoylmethyl group as an electron carrier
Abstract Formate dehydrogenase (FDH) is an attractive biocatalyst for converting CO 2 to formic acid in ambient conditions. FDH is applied to the catalyst for the visible-light induced CO 2 – formicExpand
Development of a dye molecule-biocatalyst hybrid system with visible-light induced carbon-carbon bond formation from CO2 as a feedstock.
A visible light-induced photoredox system for carbon-carbon bond formation from CO2 with ME using 1,1'-diphenyl-4,4'-bipyridinium salt derivatives as a novel electron mediator with water-soluble tetraphenylporphyrin tetrasulfonate in the presence of triethanolamine as an electron donor was developed. Expand