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Unique structural, dynamical, and functional properties of k11-linked polyubiquitin chains.
K11-linked polyubiquitin chains play important signaling and regulatory roles in both degradative and nonproteolytic pathways in eukaryotes. To understand the structural basis of how these chains areExpand
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Nonenzymatic assembly of branched polyubiquitin chains for structural and biochemical studies.
Polymeric chains of a small protein ubiquitin are involved in regulation of nearly all vital processes in eukaryotic cells. Elucidating the signaling properties of polyubiquitin requires the abilityExpand
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This paper examines the applicability of the biometric properties of PCG signals, which can thus be included among the physiological signs used by an automatic identification system. Expand
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Digital Video Watermarking using DWT for Data Security
We proposed a Haar wavelet based digital watermark technique to secure data. Expand
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Controlled enzymatic synthesis of natural-linkage, defined-length polyubiquitin chains using lysines with removable protecting groups.
E2 enzymes catalyze the ATP-dependent polymerization of polyubiquitin chains which function as molecular signals in the regulation of numerous cellular processes. Here we present a method that usesExpand
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Crosstalk between Lys63- and Lys11-polyubiquitin signaling at DNA damage sites is driven by Cezanne.
The establishment of polyubiquitin conjugates with distinct linkages play important roles in the DNA damage response. Much remains unknown about the regulation of linkage-specific ubiquitin signalingExpand
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Preparing to read the ubiquitin code: characterization of ubiquitin trimers by top-down mass spectrometry.
The profound effects of ubiquitination on the movement and processing of cellular proteins depend exquisitely on the structures of monoubiquitin and polyubiquitin modifications. UnconjugatedExpand
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Adaptation of DSP Processors for 3G and 4GWireless Communication
The design of the next generation of mobile platforms must address three critical challenges: efficiency, programmability, and adaptivity. Expand
K11-linked Diubiquitin Exhibits Significant Interdomain Dynamics
Polyubiquitin chains signal for a wide array of cellular processes, including proteasomal degradation and DNA repair. We hypothesize that the diversity of signaling outcomes stems from theExpand
Analysis of Filter Circuits in Remote Lab
In this paper, performance analysis of analog filters using Remote Lab is presented. Expand