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On Multiple Context-Free Grammars
The paper presents results on the generative capacity of mcfg's and also on the properties of mcfl's such as formal language-theoretic closure properties and it is shown that the time complexity of the membership problem for multiple context-free languages is O(ne). Expand
An Efficient Recognition and Syntax-Analysis Algorithm for Context-Free Languages
It is shown in this paper that a context-free language is n cubed-recognizable in the sense of Hartmanis and Stearns and it is n to the 4th power- Recognizable by a single-head single-tape Turing machine. Expand
A distributed mutual exclusion algorithm
A distributed algorithm is presented that realizes mutual exclusion among N nodes in a computer network. The algorithm requires at most N message exchanges for one mutual exclusion invocation.Expand
The Weight Enumerators for Several Clauses of Subcodes of the 2nd Order Binary Reed-Muller Codes
  • T. Kasami
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Inf. Control.
  • 1 May 1971
In this paper explicit formulas for the weight enumerators for several classes of subcodes of the 2nd-order binary Reed-Muller codes are derived. A large set of the codes are shown to have the sameExpand
On the weight structure of Reed-Muller codes
This theorem completely characterizes the codewords of the \nu th-order Reed-Muller code whose weights are less than twice the minimum weight and leads to the weight enumerators for thosecodewords. Expand
Let h1(X) and h2(X) be different irreducible polynomials such that _ 2̂ — hx(a ) = 0 for some h (0 < h < m) and h ^ a " 1) = 0, a being a primitive element of GF(2m) . This paper presents the weightExpand
Some Results on Cyclic Codes which Are Invariant under the Affine Group and Their Application
A number of results on minimum weights in BCH codes are presented, and exact minimum weights have been established for a number of subclasses of NBCH codes. Expand
Some Decision Problems Related to the Reachability Problem for Petri Nets
The question to decide whether a given Petri net is consistent, Mo-reversible or live is reduced to the reachability problem in a unified manner. Expand
On the optimum bit orders with respect to the state complexity of trellis diagrams for binary linear codes
It is shown that, for RM codes, the standard binary order of bit positions is optimum at every bit position with respect to the state complexity of a minimal trellis diagram by using a theorem due to V.K. Wei (1991). Expand
On the Probability of Undetected Error for the Maximum Distance Separable Codes
  • T. Kasami, Shu Lin
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Commun.
  • 1 September 1984
The results show that the MDS codes are effective for both pure error detection and simultaneous error correction and detection. Expand