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Stereocontrolled preparation of 1,2-diol with quaternary chiral center
Development of an enantio- and stereoselective construction of 1,2-diols including a quaternary chiral center was achieved by a titanium-mediated aldol reaction of lactates bearing chiralExpand
Structure-activity relationships of untenone A and its derivatives for inhibition of DNA polymerases.
We found that untenone A and mannzamenone A inhibit mammalian DNA polymerases alpha and beta, and human terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT). The syntheses of both compounds and theExpand
Synthetic studies directed toward the assembly of the C-glycoside fragment of the telomerase inhibitor D8646-2-6.
[reaction: see text] Construction and characterization of the C-glycosidic moiety of telomerase inhibitor D8646-2-6 (1) are described. This is the first example of the C-glycosylation usingExpand
A concise approach to 5-substituted-4-pyrones from kojic acid
A concise approach to 5-substituted-4-pyrones is described. This approach is based on manipulation of the 5-hydroxy group of readily available kojic acid. A number of 5-substituted-4-pyrones wereExpand
Stereochemical control of tertiary alcohol: aldol condensation of lactate derivatives
Abstract Stereoselective construction of aldol adducts having tertiary alcohol at the α position was achieved via a titanium(IV) enolate derived from a lactate derivative with an Evans chiralExpand
Novel biological activity of the region (106-126) on human prion sequence.
We report that the synthetic peptide Prp106-126 (KTNMKHMAGAAAAGAVVGGLG-COOH) and the reversed peptide Prp126-106 (GLGGVVAGAAAAGAMHKMNTK-COOH) of human prion (hPrp) can express the decarboxylaseExpand
Synthesis of the proposed structure of plakevulin A: revised structure of plakevulin A
Abstract A total synthesis of the proposed structure of plakevulin A was accomplished. However, the NMR spectral data of the synthetic plakevulin A were not identical of those of the reportedExpand