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The altitude structure of the coronal magnetic field of AR 10933
The magnetic fields of solar active regions are analyzed using a method based on comparing the spatial structures of the reconstructed magnetic field and of the radio emission of the active region.Expand
Modeling of Solar Atmosphere Parameters Above Sunspots Using RATAN-600 Microwave Observations
Models of the upper transition region of sunspots have been derived based on the observed radio spectrum between 3 and 18 GHz from Radio Astronomical Telescope of the Academy of Sciences 600Expand
RATAN-600 Observations of Small-Scale Structures with High Spectral Resolution
We present observations of quiet-Sun small-scale structures (SSS) in the microwave range with the Radio Astronomical Telescope of the Academy of Sciences 600 (RATAN-600) spectral-polarizationExpand
Thermal Bremsstrahlung of Local Sources Over Solar Spots Based on Microwave Observations
  • T. Kaltman
  • Physics
  • Geomagnetism and Aeronomy
  • 1 December 2019
The paper presents the results of a study of microwave thermal bremsstrahlung of local sources above sunspots. Special attention is paid to the transition from thermal bremsstrahlung to the dominantExpand
Modeling of the Sunspot-Associated Microwave Emission Using a New Method of DEM Inversion
We develope a method to compute the temperature and density structure along the line of sight by inversion of the differential emission measure (DEM), under the assumptions of stratification andExpand
On properties of microwave sources located above the neutral line of radial magnetic field
In this study we continue our investigation of the radio sources located above the neutral line of the radial magnetic field in solar active regions, i.e., the so-called neutral line associatedExpand
On Detecting the Fourth Gyrofrequency Harmonic in Microwave Emission Spectra above Sunspots
Spectral polarization observations of radio sources above sunspots are regularly carried out with the RATAN-600 radio telescope (RATAN is a Russian acronym for the Radio Astronomical Telescope of theExpand
The model of coronal hole with microwave observational data taking into account the solar wind flows
The renew non-hydrostatic model of electron density, temperature and velocity distribution with height in coronal hole (CH) is build. The presented model is based on the measurements of magneticExpand
Physical conditions in the low corona and chromosphere of solar active regions according to spectral radar measurements
The physical conditions in the low corona and chromosphere of solar active regions are studied. A diagnostics technique based on multiwave observations in the centimeter range, photospheric magneticExpand
The self-inversion of the sign of circular polarization in “halo” microwave sources
The experimental and theoretic investigation of the halo (a detail of local source structure genetically associated with an active region magnetosphere) is presented by the example of the AR 5200Expand