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[Somatopsychic manifestations in patients with chronic viral hepatitis].
The aim of the work was to study somatopsychic manifestations in patients with chronic viral hepatitis (CVH). MMPI profiles, state and trait anxiety were assessed in 110 patients. Boundary psychicExpand
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[The clinical and endoscopic state of the esophagus in patients with asthma concurrent with chronic opisthorchiasis].
The frequency and pattern of manifestations of gastroesogageal reflux disease were studied in asthma concurrent with chronic opisthorchiasis. One hundred and fifty patients (52 males and 98 females)Expand
[Disorders of Vasoregulative Endothelial Function, Echocardiographic Assessment of Myocardial Dysfunction and Hemodynamics of Pulmonary Circulation in Cirrhosis of the Liver].
AIM to study relationship between parameters of intracardiac hemodynamics assessed by Doppler echocardiography and functional activity of endothelium, hepatic blood flow and severity of portalExpand
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Trace Elements in the Lung Tissue Affected by Sarcoidosis
In the lungs of 76 patients with verified sarcoidosis, 28 chemical elements were identified with neutron activation analysis. High levels of Ca, Fe, Cr, Co, Cs, Eu, Lu, Th, Hf, Au, and U and lowExpand
Clinical and functional features of the course of respiratory sarcoidosis in real practice
As a rule, heart damage in patients with sarcoidosis of respiratory organs (SOD) is not diagnosed in time, so a very important and urgent task is to identify common heart rhythm and conductionExpand
Prospects of development of the market of functional food
In article choice tendencies are defined by the population of Perm Krai of food; the basic principles of creation and production of functional food are revealed; the main receptions of transformationExpand
[Quality of life indices in patients with chronic viral hepatitis].
AIM to estimate quality of life (QL) indices in patients with chronic viral hepatitis (CVH) and their relationships to the clinical characteristics of the disease. SUBJECTS AND METHODS One hundredExpand
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[The diagnostic value of the detection of hepatic fibrosis serum markers in chronic viral hepatitis].
The diagnostic significance of serum markers of fibrosis was investigated in 92 patients with chronic viral hepatitis (CVH) by studying the collagenolythic activity of blood, proteasic inhibitorExpand
AIM OF INVESTIGATION To estimate the role of polymorphic variants of genes IL4 (C-590T), IL4RA (I50V), TNF (G-308A) and SLC1IAI (D543N) in chronic viral hepatitis progression. MATERIAL AND METHODSExpand
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