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Effects of exercise training of 8 weeks and detraining on plasma levels of endothelium-derived factors, endothelin-1 and nitric oxide, in healthy young humans.
Vascular endothelial cells produce nitric oxide (NO), which is a potent vasodilator substance and has been proposed as having antiatherosclerotic property. Vascular endothelial cells also produceExpand
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Effect of Physical Activity on the Distensibility of the Aortic Wall in Healthy Males
To study the effect of physical activity level on the distensibility of the human aortic wall, aortic pulse wave velocity (APWV) was estimated in 139 healthy male subjects (19-67 years) and wasExpand
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The association among fat distribution, physical fitness, and the risk factors of cardiovascular disease in obese women.
The purpose of this study was to see whether fat distribution and physical fitness are independent risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in obese women. Seventy-four obese women aged 19 to 65 yearsExpand
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Effects of physical inactivity on aortic distensibility in visually impaired young men
Abstract To assess the effects of inordinate physical inactivity on the distensibility of the aorta we measured aortic pulse wave velocity (APWV) and estimated physical activity index (PAI) by aExpand
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Effects of habitual physical exercise and aortic distensibility on systolic blood pressure (BP) in males: a study using aortic pulse wave velocity
The authors hypothesized that habitual physical exercise and aortic distensibility would be the major factors which influence systolic blood pressure. This study was designed to analyze theExpand
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