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Spontaneous succession in limestone quarries as an effective restoration tool for endangered arthropods and plants
Summary 1. The view of post-mining sites is rapidly changing among ecologists and conservationists, as sensitive restoration using spontaneous succession may turn such sites into biodiversityExpand
Technical reclamations are wasting the conservation potential of post-mining sites. A case study of black coal spoil dumps
Despite the increasing evidence that post-mining sites often provide biodiversity refuges in anthropogenically impacted landscapes, thus offering valuable analogues of natural habitats, technocraticExpand
The landscape matrix modifies the effect of habitat fragmentation in grassland butterflies
The landscape matrix is suggested to influence the effect of habitat fragmentation on species richness, but the generality of this prediction has not been tested. Here, we used data from 10Expand
How to increase the value of urban areas for butterfly conservation? A lesson from Prague nature reserves and parks
Cities contain only a low representation of natural and semi-natural habitats, existing in fragments surrounded by built-up areas. In 2003-2004, we surveyed butterflies and Zygaenidae moths in 21Expand
Tracking the decline of the once‐common butterfly: delayed oviposition, demography and population genetics in the hermit Chazara briseis
Large populations, seemingly not at risk of extinction, can decline rapidly due to alteration of habitat. This appears to be the case of the butterfly Chazara briseis, which is declining in all ofExpand
Elevational species richness gradients in a hyperdiverse insect taxon: a global meta-study on geometrid moths
AIMS: We aim to document elevational richness patterns of geometrid moths in a globally replicated, multi-gradient setting, and to test general hypotheses on environmental and spatial effects (i.e.Expand
Local and landscape factors affecting communities of plants and diurnal Lepidoptera in black coal spoil heaps: Implications for restoration management
Abstract Post-mining sites have been repeatedly shown as crucial refuges for endangered temperate biodiversity, as they supplement vanishing non-productive and/or early successional habitats. TheirExpand
Revisiting urban refuges: Changes of butterfly and burnet fauna in Prague reserves over three decades
We studied changes in the composition of butterfly and burnet fauna in 25 reserves of xeric grasslands within the city Prague, Czech Republic, based on a recent repetition of a survey conducted threeExpand
Timed surveys and transect walks as comparable methods for monitoring butterflies in small plots
Butterflies are widely used in biodiversity surveys, and several methods of relative abundance counts have been developed. The most frequently used lineartransects are praised for a goodExpand
Conservation in a city: Do the same principles apply to different taxa?
Factors shaping overall species richness and representation of endangered species of vascular flora and butterflies were determined in 48 nature reserves in Prague, Czech Republic. Total speciesExpand