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Urban Vegetation Types are Not Perceived Equally in Providing Ecosystem Services and Disservices
Urban vegetation is important in providing ecosystem services to people. Different urban vegetation types provide contrasting suites of ecosystem services and disservices. Understanding publicExpand
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Use of structural equation modeling to explore influences on perceptions of ecosystem services and disservices attributed to birds in Singapore
Abstract Birds are among the most visible and charismatic forms of urban biodiversity. Urban birds provide important ecosystem services but are also associated with some disservices. How urbanExpand
Small-scale variability in a mosaic tropical rainforest influences habitat use of long-tailed macaques
Pristine habitats have generally been considered to be the most important ecological resource for wildlife conservation, but due to forest degradation caused by human activities, mosaics of secondaryExpand
Orthoptera in the scat contents of the common palm civet ( Paradoxurus musangus ) on Pulau Ubin , Singapore
Predator–prey interaction can be crucial for studies in trophic-level ecology. Owing to their abundance and richness, many small arthropods, including the Orthoptera, are important prey in theExpand
Autecology of the common fishtail palm, Caryota mitis (Arecaceae), in Singapore
ABSTRACT The only Caryota species native to Singapore, C. mitis is an important ecological resource for a diversity of fauna. However, little is known about the autecology of this charismatic,Expand
Demographic biases in engagement with nature in a tropical Asian city
Urban residents can benefit from spending time in outdoor spaces and engaging with nature-related activities. Such engagement can improve health and well-being, support community cohesion, andExpand
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