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Instabilities of Strategic Alliances: An Internal Tensions Perspective
The instabilities of strategic alliances have been examined in the literature through a number of theoretical approaches. Alliance instabilities refer to major changes or dissolutions of alliancesExpand
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This paper examines the choice between equity and non-equity forms of inter-firm alliances from an ‘integrated risk’ perspective, which combines relational risk and performance risk in inter-firmExpand
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The Dynamics of Alliance Conditions in the Alliance Development Process
One of the key issues in understanding the developmental processes of strategic alliances is how the alliance conditions change over the different stages of alliance development. A related questionExpand
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Managing risks in strategic alliances
Executive Overview Managing the different kinds of risk in strategic alliances is a complex task. We propose a comprehensive framework of risk management with two components. First, we discuss theExpand
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Strategic planning and individual temporal orientation
This paper examines the role of future orientation of organizational members in the strategic planning enterprise. It explores, conceptually and empirically, the relationship between the future timeExpand
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Deceitful behaviors of alliance partners: potential and prevention
Purpose – To provide decision makers in strategic alliances a risk‐time framework to: categorize types of potential deceitful behaviors by partners; and adopt appropriate deterrence mechanisms toExpand
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Strategic Alliance Temporalities and Partner Opportunism
The troubling potential for opportunistic behaviour in strategic alliances is acknowledged in both research and practice, and yet the antecedents of such opportunism remain largely unexplored in theExpand
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Governance structure choice in strategic alliances
Purpose – Strategic alliances have a variety of governance structures that can be broadly classified as joint ventures, minority equity alliances, and contractual alliances. This paper seeks toExpand
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Time and Entrepreneurial Risk Behavior
Risk and risk behavior form an important segment of the entrepreneurship literature. Entrepreneurial risk behavior has been studied with both trait and cognitive approaches, but the findings do notExpand
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