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Plasma pharmacokinetics of daptomycin in critically ill patients with renal failure and undergoing CVVHD.
Doses of ≥ 4 mg/kg TBW administered intravenously every 24 h are necessary in CVVHD patients to assure that plasma daptomycin levels are comparably high to subjects with normal renal function and to avoid underdosing.
Genotype-phenotype correlations in phenylketonuria.
Comparative pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic characterisation of a new pegylated recombinant E. colil-asparaginase preparation (MC0609) in Beagle dog
The new pegylated recombinant l-asparaginase preparation MC0609 revealed striking differences in PK/PD properties compared with Oncaspar® in rat and dog.
Significance of the in vivo deuterated phenylalanine load for long-term phenylalanine tolerance and psychointellectual outcome in patients with PKU
In 20 patients with PAH deficiency, in vivo RA was determined by an intravenous deuterated Phe load and relationship between full scale IQ at the age of 9 years and dietary control showed a positive correlation between IQ and the number of Phe levels between 0–10 mg/dl.