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The enigma of continental plateaus formed in the absence of continental collision is embodied by the Altiplano-Puna, which stretches for 1800 km along the Central Andes and attains a width of 350‐400Expand
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Andean tectonics related to geometry of subducted Nazca plate
Seismological and geological data show that tectonic segmentation of the Andes coincides with segmentation of the subducted Nazca plate, which has nearly horizontal segments and 30° east-dippingExpand
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Paleozoic terranes of the central Argentine‐Chilean Andes
The recognition of accreted terranes and their importance in orogenesis has spurred the search for allochthonous fragments along the western and southern margins of South America. Here we presentExpand
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Thrust Loads and Foreland Basin Evolution, Cretaceous, Western United States
Two-dimensional modeling of loading during the formation of the Idaho-Wyoming thrust belt shows that regional isostatic compensation by flexure of an elastic lithosphere is sufficient to control theExpand
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A synthetic stratigraphic model of foreland basin development
The processes of erosion and deposition must be included in foreland basin models to predict correctly basin geometry and stratigraphy. We present a synthetic stratigraphic model of the developmentExpand
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Chronology of Motion in a Complete Thrust Belt: The Precordillera, 30-31°S, Andes Mountains
In the Precordillera thrust belt of west-central Argentina, faulted, rotated, and onlapping relations of piggyback-basin units and foreland basin-units yield an accurate but imprecise chronology ofExpand
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A 106ka paleoclimate record from drill core of the Salar de Atacama, northern Chile
Abstract A 100 m long salt core (SQM #2005) from the Salar de Atacama, northern Chile (23°S, 68°W), a dry lake bed, contains a 106 kyr paleoclimate record of hydrologic balances on the western slopesExpand
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Uplift of the Altiplano‐Puna plateau: A view from the west
[1] The western flank of the Central Andean Plateau is a crustal-scale monoclinal fold, expressed in the geomorphology and in the westward tilt of fore-arc basin strata. Data from three fore-arcExpand
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Syntectonic Cenozoic sedimentation in the northern middle Magdalena Valley Basin of Colombia and implications for exhumation of the Northern Andes
Development of the Colombian Middle Magdalena Valley Basin (MMVB) was determined by late Cretaceous-early Eocene uplift of the Central Cordillera to the west, and subsequent transferal of deformationExpand
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